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Bees are a Buzzing

Connie Williams and Karen Beckelman
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30
Maximum Number of Students: 10

Come join the fun to create this wonderful beehive birdhouse.  Students will be instructed in the Donna Dewberry technique from two of her Masters, Karen Beckelman and Connie Williams.  The students will create a "beehive" on the gourd, then add beautiful flowers, leaves, and last of all bees.  What a treat for all your feathered friends.

Students must bring: Donna Dewberry One Stroke Basic Acrylic Brush Set:
¾” Flat Brush, #12 Flat Brush , ½” Scruffy Brush, #2 Script Liner
(these can be purchased from Connie at her cost of $18)
Water Basin
Sharp Pencil




Scratchin Rooster

Katie Westmoreland
Friday Afternoon

This class will be 3 techniques in one. Wood burning, stippling and colored pencil tips and tricks to make them stick!  If we don't finish in class, students will have the "know-how" to finish it up at home.
Students must bring: Temperature controlled wood burner with a knife tip, rotary tool and small ball burrs (3 different sizes), mask, eye protection, ear protection, apron




Finishing with a Gretchen

Terry and Sandy Jordan
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30
Maximum Number of Students:10

Students will be instructed on how to do a Gretchen Rim using #2 spaced dyed reed.  This technique is a wonderful way to complete those gourd bowls that just need something extra.

Students must bring: scissors, Basin to soak the reed, Apron and Several Towels, drill and small drill bits



Intermediate InLace Use

Betsey Sloan
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

If you are already familiar with using InLace using the pre-mixed resin and want to expand your experience, this class is for you.  Using a hardened sample provided by the instructor, students will carve out a design in the InLace and inset a new mixture based on Clear InLace with color and texture added by you.  We will also experiment with adding metal shavings in a new design and get a refresher on sanding, polishing and buffing. Gourd provided. Remember, InLace takes 24-hours to harden so you will be leaving this class with several "wet" pieces.

Students must bring: Woodburner and favorite tip; carver with assorted ball burs, inverted cone (basically, bring all your carving tools);  face mask, eye protection, ball point pen. Make sure you know how to use your carver and have sufficient collets to hold each bur. Bring a box to hold your new gourd and practice pieces, about 10 x 12 should be fine.




Make Your Own Netted Gourd Rattle

Eddie Osborne
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30
Experience level: Intermediate - Advanced

This class is devoted to the crafting of the axatse (pron. ah-hah-cheh), a netted gourd rattle of the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo. Similar rattles are found elsewhere in West Africa under various local names (e.g., jabara, Mali; shegbureh, Sierra Leone), and one or more of this type appears to been the forerunner of the Haitian asson and the Brazilian afoxe.

Participants will be taught, step-by-step, how to make the top collar, how to prepare the verticals for the netting, how to string the bead strikers onto the verticals, and how to tie off the bottom of the completed netting. Finally, the participants will be shown the various ways of playing the instrument.

Students must bring: masks, sandpaper, and have manual dexterity.



Cute Cats

Diana Dillard
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

Students will transform a curly long handled dipper gourd into a cute cat. We will use quick wood epoxy to build the cat's face and paws and then use wire to make it's wild whiskers. The cat will then be painted to reflect either a black, calico, or tabby cat. Ribbon or floral embellishment will be added to finish off your cat's "purrsonality". Beginners welcome. All supplies will be provided by the instructor. Students are encouraged to bring an apron or smock.




Embellished Faux Suede Bowl

Anna Fountain
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

You will learn how to create a faux suede look  on a bowl and will make a mold for embellishments you will add to finished bowl.
Students must bring: an apron, 3m mask, acrylic paint brushes(medium size), heating tool

This will be the last year I teach this particular class. After this class students are free to teach it themselves and not ask my permission. It will belong to them!



Snow is Coming!

Sherry Briscoe
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

In this class students will learn how to make a snow person luminary.  They will start by sculpting the nose, arms, scarf, and ear muffs, using QuikWood and 5-in-one clay tools, and will insert the wire for the ear muffs.  they will then drill the snowflake designs around the gourd, paint their creation with acrylic paints, and apply a glaze/sealer.  They will learn how to assemble the light kit and will leave with a great luminary to use during the winter months.  This luminary makes a wonderful night light that can be used in your entryway, or anywhere you need an extra bit of light.

Students must bring: Apron/smock to protect their clothes; hair drier; rotary tool/light-weight drill with 2 different sized drill bits; and any of their favorite brushes.




Happy Fish Gourd Art With Powertex

Susan Crowe
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

Giggling allowed! This guy is the happiest fish in Cherokee. We will learn to construct our fish and display using household materials. Foil, tape, foam, and concrete. We will learn how to dip & drape Powertex Paper Deco fiber to create our fish fins. Scales will be created using a mixture of Powertex Stone Art clay & Powetex blue textile hardener. These techniques can be used over & over again to create interesting texture in future gourd projects.

Students must bring: A box of disposable gloves. (Bring a whole box, this is really messy fun!)
Paint brush for detail painting and one for larger area painting or a sponge brush.
A heat gun for drying as needed.
Pen and paper for additional note taking if desired.
An apron or smock.
Dust mask if you are sensitive to dust, Stone Art powder can be dusty while mixing.





Tribal Cording with Peruvian Beads

Ellen Tatum
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

This class is designed for students that love color and design but do not like to carve.  Students will learn how to apply the Tribal Cording for a rim using a stitch that prevents the ridge of the cording from showing and how to bring the cording down the gourd without having to use stitching.  Hard to find Peruvian
beads will be supplied with a limit of 3 sets per student (in case you want to add more than just one set as shown in the picture).

Students must bring: Dremel for making holes to attach the rim and pencils.



Stitched Gourd

Jan Banta-Briseno
Friday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

Add texture to your gourd art using lacing stitches. Students will lay out the design, drill holes for lacing. Two faux techniques will be taught to add color to the body of the gourd and finish the focal area.(Students may have to finish part of their gourd after the class has finished depending on their work pace.) Directions and samples for several different stitches will be provided - THE MAIN FOCUS OF THE CLASS IS PREPARING THE GOURD FOR THE STITCHING.)

Student must bring: Rotary tools with small
(1/16 )drill bit and sanding drum, awl or exacto knife, dust mask and general painting supplies (pencils, brushes, apron, etc)