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Apple Gourd Fairy BirdHouse

Connie Williams  and Karen Beckelman
Saturday Afternoon 1:30-5:30
Maximum Number of Students: 10

Come join the fun and learn the Dewberry one-stroke technique from two of her Masters, Connie and Karen.  The student will be instructed in how to use Plaid's new mini-stencils to create this wonderful fairy birdhouse on an apple gourd.  The student will use their imagination and creativity to create their own Fairy dream house.  No two houses will ever be alike.  Your feathered friends will indeed be ready to move into this wonderful "dreamy" house.

Students must bring: Donna Dewberry One Stroke Basic Acrylic Brush Set:
¾” Flat Brush, #12 Flat Brush , ½” Scruffy Brush, #2 Script Liner
(these can be purchased from Connie at her cost of $18)
Water Basin
Sharp Pencil




The Golden Shell

Anna Fountain
Saturday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

This class will show you a different way to add pigment powder, embossing powder, and gold leafing for a professional finished look

Students must bring: heating Tool (not blow dryer), Several paint brushes in different smaller sizes, exacto knife, burner and skewer tip a must.(walnut hollow type burners will not work for this design)




Textured Pottery Style Gourd

Elllen Tatum
Saturday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

This project incorporates a new crackle medium that gives beautiful crackle effects that don’t require that you go all in one direction.  I have been working with this medium for several months and have found it to be very easy and exciting to use.  The effects are beautiful and can be used in gourd jewelry making as well as on gourd bowls. Rim is made with dried date palm skeletons.  

Student must bring: rotary Tool such as Dremel to make holes in the rim for the date nut palm skeletons.  Bring gloves for painting and any other tools you think you might need.




He's a Jolly Old Soul!

Sherry Briscoe
Saturday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

In this class students will learn how to turn a penguin gourd into a cute Santa.  They will start by sculpting his features (nose, beard, mustache, arms, and fur trim) using QuikWood and 5-in-1 clay tools.  Then they will paint him with acrylic paints and apply a glaze/sealer.  They will leave with a wonderful old fellow, and will have a great start on their holiday celebrations!

Students must bring: apron/smock to protect clothes and a hair drier.




Mixed Media Gourd Fun

Debbie Wilson
Saturday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

Have a creative experience using a variety of media to enhance your gourd, a little carving for accents, a little painting , stamping, decoupage painted and stamped tissue papers, maybe even wood burning. This is a great class for experimenting with using a variety of media together. Make a very simple coiled rim to finish the piece off. Gourds, at least 6 inches across will be cut and cleaned , provided by instructor

Students must bring: a carver with round bits, mask woodburner, if using, apron, heat gun and or blow dryer, old towel




Blue Bird of Happiness with Powertex

Susan Crowe
Saturday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

Big, blue & spreading "happy" all around! We will create or own little bit of gourd happiness using Powertex textile hardener to paint, texture & build the body of our blue friend. We will join gourds to create the elongated neck and dress it off with Powertex textural effects. I will show you how to construct & adhere the wings using Powertex transparent, cotton fabric  & household materials. We will make his darling little hat by dipping & wrapping Paper Deco fiber with Powertex transparent.
Students must bring: A box of disposable gloves. (Bring a whole box, this is really messy fun!)
Paint brush for detail painting and one for larger area painting.
A heat gun for drying as needed.
Pen and paper for additional note taking if desired or a sponge brush.
An apron or smock.
Dust mask if you are sensitive to dust, Stone Art powder can be dusty. We will be using a small amount of it to create texture.





Dipper Gourd Jewelry

Kristie Hull
Saturday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

You will learn how to stamp using staz-on ink on dipper pieces. inks, mod podge and assembling the earrings. You will use mixed media items (upcycle) , charms, beads.  You will make 3 pair of earrings or an earring and necklace set. Bring your imagination.

Students must bring: heat gun, apron, jewelry pliers: flush,side cutters, round nose pliers
( i will have extra)



Vinegar Graining

Betsey Sloan
Saturday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

This is a fun way to use older, marred gourds.  Using a mixture of acrylics and vinegar, students will paint the gourd and then texture it using fingers, combs, palms, etc.  Please bring an open and cleaned gourd, any size (please, not huge!) and I will provide everything else.  Wear a cover up.  Messy.

Bring an open and cleaned old gourd.





Chinese Blossoms

Troy Tatum
Saturday Afternoon 1:30-5:30

In this fun class the student will learn a new technique of utilizing 3-D fabric paint to create the raised drawing on this beautiful Chinese style gourd bowl. We will color the background and the branches and add the 3-d fabric paint.

Student may bring staining gloves if desired.