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Footed Step It Up With Black Walnuts

Vickie Echols
Saturday All Day 8:30-5:30

You will get to learn several pine needle coiling techniques with this gourd basket. You will first learn how to attach a “foot” to a round bottomed gourd to create your own gourd stand. You will then learn how to create a step-up pattern around the rim with black walnut slices and learn different ways of finishing off your coiling. The pine needles are glycerinated so they are extremely flexible and gentle to your hands.

Students should bring: Sharp scissors, small needle nose pliers, fine tipped wire cutters





Uniquely Carved Gourd Antler Cross

Robin Bryson
Saturday All Day 8:30-5:30

Create a unique relief carved gourd deer antler cross 6 1/2" tall by 4 3/4" wide accented with light wood burning for shading and a semi-precious stone (Tiger eye) inlaid in the center.

Students must bring:  a mask, protective eye wear, carver (any brand) with engraving cutting bits #105, #107, #110 and #116, wood burner with controlled temperature, micro rounded skew tip and E-6000 glue





Susan Taber
Saturday All Day 8:30-5:30

Learn new layering techniques for inner light and softness in a beautiful Santa!

Students must bring: a variety of soft stencil brushes! A ten by twelve inch gourd




Power Carving Techniques

Marianne Barnes
Saturday All Day 8:30-5:30

We will learn some power carving basics in this class. Some techniques will include how to carve mountains and hills, weaving, stippling, inlaying a cabochon, filigree, and sanding. If time permits we will carve a feather. There will also be a discussion of basic carving bits and types of rotary tools. You will receive a tutorial with extensive information on carving bits and techniques.

Students must bring: rotary carving tool / Dremel, carving bits: wheel, inverted cone, ball, filigree bit, a structured tooth carbide bit or Suburr tooth bit, and some diamond bits. You will also need a small sander or sanding wheels. If you do not have all of these bits I will have extra for students to use. I also have a few extra dremels but you need to let me know if you want to use one of mine. You may want to bring an apron as we will get dusty. You will also need a mask or respirator. I will have extra masks.




Turtle Gourd

Diane Frankenfield
Saturday All Day 8:30-5:30

Turtle gourd is made with 1/2 canteen gourd for the body and a spoon gourd for the head. Students will use alcohol ink and pain to create a beautiful turtle.

Students should bring: apron




The Art of Mastering Cut-out Gourds

Reagan Bitler
Saturday All Day 8:30-5:30

This class will guide the intermediate/advanced student through a four step process of designing a flower themed cut-out gourd. The instructor will provide tips for drawing and laying out simple eight petal flowers that interlock and create stability when the negative space is removed with a micro lux gourd saw.  Participants will be provided tips on dark line burning and coloring with Wuertz Wonder Inks as part of the four step process.

This class is scheduled as an all day class, but students who do not wish to leave with a finished piece may choose to attend the first four hours only to receive instruction on the four step process.  Those who attend the entire session will leave with a completely finished piece at the end of the full day session.

This class is designed for participants who have had previous experience with using a micro lux gourd saw.

Students must bring: Micro Lux jigsaw or gourd saw
Extra blades and blade changing tools for the micro lux jigsaw or gourd saw
Wood burner with a skew tip
Dust Mask



Oak Leaf Relief Carving

Troy Tatum
Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30

This class will guide you step by step through the creation of the oak leaf relief carving on a gourd. Participants will learn to power carve the oak leaf on a gourd or gourd chard in relief. You will  learn to outline the pattern and cut away the gourd surface, define which areas are up and down, how to create the appearance of depth and how to rough out and finish the carving. We will focus o how to create the appearance of depth and how to make clean under cuts. We will have a detail discussion on power carving tools, burrs and their uses. We will discuss the different types of burrs and how multiple burrs can do the same work.

Students must bring: A micro carver or Dremel type flex-shaft carving tool with all the carving burrs you have. (We will discuss their uses).   Please bring some gourd chards to practice on. Bring a breathing mask or respirator, eye protection, your gourd tool kit and a desire to learn and have fun.





Butterfly Bowl

Jan Banta-Briseno
Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30

Students will create a gourd bowl with butterfly design, stitched rim and decorative stitching around design area.

Students must bring: Rotary tool with small (1/16) drill bit, an awl or exacto knife, basic painting supplies (pencils, brushes, apron, towel, etc)



My Chicken

Debbie Wilson
Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30

Students will learn how to add " lightness" to their carving by  the pressure exerted to a carved piece. This is a high contrast piece that reflects the shadows and light. The likeness in this piece is taken from a photo of one of my chickens. we will learn about "shading with pressure exerted when carving and using small bits.. Applying transtint dyes after carving will also be expained. This class will require a little drawing ability.

There is not time for rim embellishments, though I do not mind giving suggestions.

Students must bring: rotary carver, apron, dust mask, steel and or carbide bits( round balls wee small to medium in size) and a football shaped bit, small straight or dental bits) Please have the correct collets and or head on your carver that can hold your bits.




Gourd - A - Billy Mountain Gnome With Powertex

Susan Crowe
Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30

If you loved Jolly the Flower Gnome last year, you are gonna love meeting his Appalachian Gourd - A - Billy cousin! Complete with his own corncob pipe. This hillbilly gnome will make you chuckle, beard & all. We will be constructing Billy's hat out of everyday household materials, then dipping and draping fabric using Powertex Textile Hardener. Learn how to incorporate fabric, faux fur, and acrylics in one project. If you would like to use different colors to create his overalls and flannel shirt, feel free to bring your own paint. Please make sure it is acrylic to allow for fast drying. But most importantly, I'll provide the pipe!
Students must bring: A box of disposable gloves. (Bring a whole box, this is really messy fun!)
Bring any flesh toned acrylic paint you would like to use if different from the color shown.
Paint brush for detail painting and one for larger area painting.
A heat gun for drying as needed.
Pen and paper for additional note taking if desired.



Make Your Own Gourd Rasp/Scraper

Eddie Osborne
Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
Experience level: Intermediate

Rasped, or scraped, idiophones are found in many cultures around the world and may be made of wood, bone, animal horn, metal, or gourd. Perhaps the best known form of the instrument is the gourd-based guiro (also called guayo and guacharaca) of the Caribbean and mainland Central, South, and North America. 

Participants in this class will be taught how to fashion the parallel grooves on one side of the elongated gourd,  how to make the finger holes (depending on the size of the gourd) on the other side of the gourd, how to fashion the playing stick, and how to sound the finished instrument by rubbing the playing stick back and forth over the serrations in the gourd surface. 
The instructor will provide craft-ready gourds of varying sizes, sandpaper, twigs for making the playing sticks, files, and spray polyurethane.

Students must bring masks, knives, and (if decorating their creations) wood-burning tools, fine-point black sharpies, colored markers and/or paints and brushes.





Double Wall Cherokee Gourd Rim

Toni MIckle
Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
Maximum number of students: 10

Learn basic Double Wall Cherokee style of weaving on top of a gourd,creating a sturdy rim.  In doing the process, a student will weave up creating a rim, then turn downward on the rim to create the double wall and finish with a rim edging. 

Students may bring and awl or small flat screwdriver and old scissors or utility scissors.




Under the Sea

Ellen Tatum
Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30

Students will be using their beginning or intermediate skills in carving/ etching the different fish and plant life There are several fish that go around the gourd bowl.  Students will be applying inks to create the bottom of the sea and ocean.  Students will be using sea rope to create a rim.

Students must bring: Dremel or carver, for making holes in the rim and a 8" round ball for etching the fish.  Gloves to protect hands.