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This Class is Full

Mold-Making Techniques
Terry Jordan

Have you every wanted to make a mold to put on your gourd character or ornaments?  This technique will teach you how to use EasyMold Silicone Putty to create a wonderful casted character for your gourds.  Each student will have the opportunity to create one silicone mold using silicone putty. Then using your own mold you will then create a Quikwood cast to place on a gourd.  The class will not include painting the casted character.

Cost of Class: $25
Time: Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 1
All Levels

Instructor will provide: Easy Mold Silcone Putty, Gourds, Quikwood, Tools, Tutorial
Size of gourd instructor is providing: egg gourds

Students need to bring: nothing


"Speed Gourding"
Five Instructors, Five Projects
Reagan Bitler, Sandy Jordan, Tonia Owens, Lorraine Sincavage, Jayne Wright

Description: Based on the concept of “speed dating”, spend the morning learning five gourd techniques from five instructors. The format of the class is to spend time with an instructor creating a small project, and when the bell rings move on to the next instructor. The instructors will provide everything for each project. It’s fast and it’s fun!

Price: $55.00
Saturday morning 8:30-12:30
Number of Students: 15 minimum
Class Level: All levels

Instructors will provide everything



Footed Antler Handle Basket
Vickie Echols
This is an all day class

Learn how to stitch pine needles onto a prepared gourd base to create a foot that will be engineered to stabilize the gourd once the antler handle is attached.  The antler will be attached to the rim of the gourd and held in place by the pine needle coiling. Some floating coils, beads and twists may also be incorporated into this project. The glycerinated pine needles allow you to be as creative as you want to be!

Cost of Class: $85
Time: Saturday All Day 8:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 5
Experience Level: All Levels
Instructor will provide: Prepared gourd, glycerinated pine needles, artificial sinew, beads, stitching needle and a detailed tutorial to be emailed after the class.
Size of gourd instructor is providing: Varies from 5X6" to 6X10"

Students need to bring: Sharp scissors, needle nose pliers, fine tipped wire cutters


This Class is Full

Beaded Chip Carved Gourd Bowl with Vintage Pin
Nancy and John Chlpka

Students will choose a prepared gourd bowl and vintage pin. Class will chip carve, dye, and stitch a beaded rim. Students will leave class with a completed gourd bowl.

Cost of Class: $45.00
Time: Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 1
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructors will provide: All materials and tools
Instructor will provide a gourd average size 6" diameter and height

Students must bring: apron or work shirt for using leather dye.



Making and Using Embellishment on Faux Suede and Metallic bowl
Anna Fountain

Students will learn to make their own molds and embellishments as well as making and applying faux suede and metallic paints. They will also be applying finished embellishments to their bowls. The classes will be using Quik aluminum, 2 part silicone for molding, acrylic paints and a suede medium.

Cost of Class: $50
Time: Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 4
Experience Level All Levels

Instructor will provide: Metallic Paints, acrylic paints, suede medium, paint roller and pan, mold putty, quick aluminum, 10 minute casting resin, glue, tiles, rubber gloves, mixing cup for suede medium, cups for water, painters tape, gourds, misc items needed for clean up by students.

Instructor will provide a gourd bowl approximate diameter is 8in to 9 in, and height is 6 in to 7 in.

Students must brong: An apron, 3m mask,paint brushes, Stadler compass if you have one. (I will have some extras student may borrow in needed), heating tool (small blow dryer works best on acrylic paints)


This Class is Full

Undulating Woven Gourd
Marianne Barnes
This is an all day class

Students will weave on top of a gourd that has been cleaned, cut, and holes drilled. Techniques include twinning, increasing and decreasing, weaving a rim. We will weave with a variety of materials including reed, sea grass, cedar bark, philodendron sheath, and yarns. We will make the weaving undulate to create interest. This is a fun class and you will leave with a beautiful woven gourd.

Cost of Class: $45.00
Time: Saturday All Day 8:30-5:30
8 hours
Minimum Number of Students: 2
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: All supplies for weaving and gourd
Instructor will provide a gourd 6-7" across and about 5" height
Students must bring: Bucket for soaking the reed, spray bottle, scissors, and an awl or small flat screwdriver

I will bring extra buckets, scissors, awls, and spray bottles for walk ins or those that fly to event.



This Class is Fulll

Stylized Ginko Leaf Carving
Susan Zanella

Come have fun creating this stylized branch of ginkgo leave while learning to carve three dimensions, smooth out your carving and create filigree background.

Cost of Class: $40.00
Time: Saturday morning 8:30 – 12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 3
Skill Level: Intermediate
Instructor will provide: cut and cleaned gourd thick enough for carving. All patterns, transfer paper, etc.
Instructor will provide a gourd 7" round, 6" tall

Students need to bring: A rotary tool such as a dremel, carving burr: Engraving cutter burrs by Dremel #105 and #107, flame and needle diamond burrs


Calla Lily
Ellen Tatum

Students will create a beautiful Calla Lily in a copper frame by wood burning the frame and lily, coloring with inks and dimpling the background with a carver.

Cost of Class: $40.00
Time: Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 1
Skill Level: Intermediate

Instructor will provide: All set up and clean up supplies. pattern for the lily (stick and burn- original design).  Copper metallic powder for the frame, extra cutting bits (if needed). Vase shaped gourd cleaned and ready to create on.
Instructor will provide a 6" x 8" vase shaped gourd
Students must bring: Mask, wood burner, rotary tool or carver, apron and gloves.


This Class is Full

Let There Be Light!
Sherry Briscoe

In this class students will learn how to develop a design for the holes in their cannonball gourd using painters' tape.  They will mark their design on the gourd and drill the holes.  They will then learn how to hand-sculpt a QuikWood flower and some leaves on their gourd.  When the QuikWood has hardened, the gourd will be painted and sealed using GourdMaster (GM) products (inks, transparent acrylics, metallics, gourd paint, varnish, etc.), and sponges/brushes.  Once the project has dried, they will assemble the light and "voila!" ... there will be light!

Cost of Class: $50
Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
4 Hours
Minimum Number of Students: 2
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: Cleaned/cut/sanded cannonball gourd; GM inks, transparent acrylics, metallics, white gourd paint and varnish; QuikWood; lamp kit (base, cord, and light bulb); 5-in-1 clay tools; painters' tape; non-slip shelf liner; vinyl gloves; brush basins; paper towels; tutorial with instructions and a full-color photo of the completed project in a plastic sheet cover; extra scissors and a couple of heat guns for those who don't have them.
Instructor will providea gourd 4-6" Tall x 4-6" Diameter

Students must bring: Apron/smock to protect their clothing, ruler or measuring tape; sharp scissors; heat tool (not a hair drier); rotary tool/Dremel, a 5/64" drill bit; respirator/dust mask; and safety glasses.  I recommend using a fairly light-weight rotary tool to avoid straining your hand, as the drilling takes some time.  However, if you don't have one, you can use a power drill.


This Class is Full

Faux Floral Leather Tooled Gourd Bowl
Troy Tatum

Learn how to create the look of leather tooling on a gourd. The participants will transfer a furnished modified Sheridan style leather tool pattern to the gourd, wood-burn the outline, stipple and color the background and shade the tooled design. You will also learn how to create the appearance of stitching and install a faux turquoise stud. We will use both pyrography and ink dyes to create the shading.  A detailed discussion of shading techniques along with an overview of pen tips and their uses will be provided. Some students may not finish the project in the allotted class time, but full instructions will be provided and all techniques will be demonstrated in class.

Cost of Class: $55.00
Time: Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 3
Skill Level: Intermediate

The instructor will provide detailed instructions (tutorial), outline pattern, a shading guide, a faux turquoise stud, transfer paper, pencils and pens, ink or leather dye, applicators, compasses,  white paint pens, a gourd protective finish, electrical needs, table protection and a 7" to 9" cleaned craft-ready gourd.
The instructor will provide a 7 to 9" craft-ready gourd bowl.

Students will needs to bring a variable temperature wood-burner with a skew tip, writing tip, medium ball tip, shading tip (large ball (1/8” to 3mm) or bent shader) and any other tip you have. (We will discuss their uses) Bring a breathing mask or respirator, eye protection and a desire to learn about pyrography.


Festive Tea Lights
Tina Handrop

Students will choose from various festive design kits to create the Festive Tea Lights, they will learn to weave a dream catcher with waxed thread and insert tea light for a pretty little tea light.

Cost of Class: $40
Time: Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
3-4 hours
Minimum Number of Students: 1
Skill Level: All Levels
Instructor will provide: cut drilled and cleaned gourd, tea light, waxed thread & needle, button embellishment kits finishing sprays & tutorial
Instructor will provide a gourd 2" diameter and 5-7" tall


Wooly Pine Tree
Jackie Burke

Spend the morning making 18 inch fringed wool pine tree on a gourd base.

Cost of Class: $45
Time: Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 6
Skill Level: Beginner

Instructors will provide all the materials.


Jolly the Flower Gnome
Susan Crowe

Gruff, tough and complete with his own MOM love heart tattoo! Don't be fooled this guy is all heart. We will be constructing Jolly's hat out of everyday household materials, then dipping and draping fabric using Powertex Textile Hardener. Learn how to incorporate fabric, faux fur, and acrylics in one project. But most importantly, the tattoo! Learn how to custom design inkjet images and transfer them to your gourd to create crisp, custom graphics that are easily transferred to any gourd surface.

Cost of Class: $60
Saturday Morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 1
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: Powertex materials and art supplies to complete the project, Instruction sheets and supply list outlining the complete project
Instructor will provide a martin gourd approx. 6 x 8

Students must bring: A box of disposable gloves. (Bring a whole box, this is really messy fun!)
One tube of Quickwood aluminum, copper or any fast set wood putty
Jolly's flower will vary in color, if you have a silk flower that you would like to use of your own feel free to bring it.
A heat gun for drying as needed.
Pen and paper for additional note taking if desired.
An apron or smock