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This Class is Full

Alcohol Ink with Rim Treatment
Judy Zeigler and Jody Retford

Students will learn a technique for applying alcohol ink to the outside surface of a gourd. When ink application is completed, the students will learn the basics for attaching a closed coiling rim treatment on the gourd using waxed linen thread over a paper foundation. Skills include how to begin coiling, adding additional thread, making figure-8 stitches, and ending the coiling. The students should be able to complete 3 rows of coiling. The provided gourd is approximately 4-5 inches in diameter. A small gourd will be used so that students can complete the 3 rows of coiling in class. Students will receive an instructional handout for the technique used in the class for applying the alcohol ink. A second instructional handout will be provided with information on gourd preparation for coiling, the coiling process, and how to end the coiling.

Cost of Class: $45
Thursday afternoon 1:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 7
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructors will provide: Gourd-drilled, ready to apply alcohol ink, with painted interior, Alcohol ink, Ink applicators, Gourd scraps, A pair of nitrite gloves, Clear spray sealer ,One spool of 4 ply waxed linen thread, color of your choice, 5 yards 4/32” fiber rush, One #20 tapestry needle, Instructional handout on “How to apply alcohol ink”, Instructional handout on “How to do a closed coiling rim treatment”
Instructors will provide gourds that are 4-5 inches across by 3-4 inches tall

Students should bring: Small sewing scissors, Small pair of needle nose pliers, Apron to protect your clothes


This Class is Full

A Fish Tale
Terry and Sandy Jordan

Students will work with Quikwood to create this delightfully whimsical fish. Students will learn how to mold the clay, sand, and sculpt fins, eyes/eyebrows, and long flowing tail. Sandy will then help you paint the fish with Metallic FolkArt paints.
Cost of Class: $45
Time: Thursday afternoon 1:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 1
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: Gourd (cleaned, cut and ready to sculpt), quikwood, paints, gloves, paper plates and towels, hand-sanitizer, clay tools, tutorial, brass or silver tacks, creamy petroleum jelly

Students need to bring: Apron, Water Basin, Stylus or small brushes, Snacks, and a happy attitude


Susan Nonn

Create a wonderful arrangement of tropical leaves circling a bowl while improving your cutting skills. The foliage pattern is perfect for angular cuts and overlapping leaves. The leaves will be colored with Adirondack inks and highlighted with Gilder’s Paste

Cost of Class: $40
Time: Thursday Afternoon 1:30-5:30pm
Minimm Number of Students: 4
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: Nine inch diameter gourd bowl, pencils, patterns, inks, daubers, Gilder’s Paste, and a written tutorial.

Students must bring: Micro-Lux mini Jig-saw with extra blades (a Proxxon saw will be difficult to use for this project), rotary tool and small round burr, awl or drill with small drill bits, dust mask, wood burner is optional.


Pointilism - Lizards and  beautiful things
Fonda Haddad

Several stylized shapes (lizards, animals etc.) will be placed around the  clean gourd surface then patterns will be added for interest and form.  Some areas we will paint the background, others will be left natural.  Using dots of paint we will form designs and figures filling the entire gourd surface

Cost of Class: $40
Time: Thursday afternoon 1:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 2
Experience Level: All Levels
Instructor will provide: Everything
Size of gourd instructor is providing: medium, smooth gourd
Students need to bring: Nothing


This Class is Full

Making and Using Embellishment on Faux Suede and Metallic bowl
Anna Fountain

Students will learn to make their own molds and embellishments as well as making and applying faux suede and metallic paints. They will also be applying finished embellishments to their bowls. The classes will be using Quik aluminum, 2 part silicone for molding, acrylic paints and a suede medium.

Cost of Class: $50
Time: Thursday afternoon 1:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 4
Experience Level All Levels

Instructor will provide: Metallic Paints, acrylic paints, suede medium, paint roller and pan, mold putty, quick aluminum, 10 minute casting resin, glue, tiles, rubber gloves, mixing cup for suede medium, cups for water, painters tape, gourds, misc items needed for clean up by students.

Instructor will provide a gourd bowl approximate diameter is 8in to 9 in, and height is 6 in to 7 in.

Students must brong: An apron, 3m mask,paint brushes, Stadler compass if you have one. (I will have some extras student may borrow in needed), heating tool (small blow dryer works best on acrylic paints)



Multi Media Jewelry
Debbie Wilson


This will be a fun class to explore how to put together multi media for surface design and create one of a kind jewelry pieces. These techniques will also work on larger pieces as well. Will be exploring embossing, glues that are heated, eggshells and other surface embellishments. All students will leave class with at least 3 finished pieces.

Cost of Class: $33.00
Time: Thursday afternoon 1:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 3
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: gourd shards, all other materials, I will have 2 heat guns for class use, be best to bring your own
Instructor will provide: gourd shards, suitable for jewelry pieces
Students must bring: scissors, apron, heat gun



This Class is Full

Flower Bowl with Black Cord Rim
Susan Zanella

Use wood burning, carving and coloring to create this pretty flower bowl finished with a black cord rim.

Cost of Class: $40.00
Time: Thursday afternoon 1:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 3
Skill Level: Beginner

Instructor will provide: cut and cleaned gourd, all patterns and tools to transfer, inks, brushes, varnish, cord and sinew and needles for sewing rim.
Instructor will provide a gourd 7" x 7"

Students need to bring: wood burning tool and one favorite tip, rotary tool such as dremel with round ball cutter such as Dremel #106 and appropriate collet.


This Class is Full

Maple Leaves Relief Carving
Troy Tatum

Participants will learn to power carve the maple leaves on a gourd or gourd chard in relief. You will learn to transfer a furnished pattern to a gourd or gourd chard, learn to outline the pattern and cut away the gourd surface, define which areas are up and down, how to create the appearance of depth and how to rough out and finish the carving. We will have a detail discussion on power carving tools, burrs and their uses. We will discuss the different types of burrs and how multiple burrs can do the same work.

Cost of Class: $50.00
Time: Thursday afternoon 1:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 2
Skill Level: Intermediate

The instructor will provide detailed instructions (tutorial), outline pattern, a gourd power tool handout, transfer paper, pencils, pens and markers, ink dye and applicators, electrical needs and table protection. Instructor will have a few carving machines and burrs to try, but each student must bring their own.

Students will needs to bring a gourd or gourd chard that is approximately 1/4 inch thick and will accept an image size of 5” x 4”. A micro carver or Dremel type flex-shaft carving tool with all the carving burrs you have. (We will discuss their uses). Also bring some extra gourd chards to practice on. Bring a breathing mask or respirator, eye protection, your gourd tool kit and a desire to learn and have fun.


Fishers Of Men
Tina Handrop

Students will wood burn various ocean life & other design around a medium size gourd vase; then add a philodendron sheath rim and shell embellishments.

Cost of Class: $55
Time: Thursday afternoon 1:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 1
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: medium size gourd, cut cleaned & drilled; various sea life and other designs for wood burning, alcohol inks & applicators; philodendron sheaths and various shell embellishments; finishing spray; rubber gloves & thread for attaching rim & a printed tutorial.
Instructor will provide a gourd approximately 6-8" diameter & 8-10" tall

Students must bring: red pen, wood burner, carbon paper if you do not wish to burn thru press & seal; scissors; heat gun; hot glue gun


Dipper Gourd Earrings
Kristie Hull

You will learn how to use Staz-on ink to stamp (looks like they are woodburned but they are not) add beads and charms to complete the earrings. You will have 3 pairs of earrings, 1 set un-cleaned and 2 sets ready to go. These are fun earrings to make.

Cost of Class: $35.00
Time: Thursday Afternoon 1:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 4
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: Tutorial, dipper gourd earrings and all other materials to complete earrings.
Students must bring: heat gun, apron