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This Class is Full

Sand Dollar Lidded Gourd Basket
Vickie Echols-Hartman
This is an all day class

You will learn how to coil pine needles around a prepared sand dollar to create a lid for your gourd basket. You will create your gourd basket by coiling pine needles onto the rim and shape them to fit your lid. You will learn shaping techniques to help you achieve a truly unique vessel.  We will be using glycerinated pine needles that are gentle to your hands. Please contact me for questions at

Cost of Class: $70.00
Time: Thursday All Day 8:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 5
Experience Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: Prepared gourd, prepared sand dollar, glycerinated pine needles, waxed linen, stitching needle and a detailed tutorial emailed after the class.
Size of gourd instructor is providing: 7" X 5"

Students need to bring: Sharp scissors, needle nose plyers and fine tipped wire cutters


Mechanics of a Thunder Drum
Doris Trombley

Learn how to make a Thunder Drum.

Cost of Class: $45
Time: Thursday morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 5
Skill Level: All Levels

Instructor will provide: Tutorial, gourd, drum skin, spring and leather lacing to hang it with.
Instructor will provde a gourd gppoximately 8" to 10" tall by 5" to 8" wide.

Students must bring: Super glue gel (please note, the glue is a gel), gourd saw, can of black flat spray paint, gourd saw

If you would like to add any type of art to your drum, such as a dream catcher or what ever, see if they is another class after this one you can take to apply your art. Tell that teacher what you are doing and can you take their class to finish your drum. We will teach you how to cut out a sound hole, let us know if you will be taking another class using your drum, so we can make sure your sound hole is correct.



Bargello Woven Gourd
Marianne Barnes
This is an all day class

We will weave a Bargello design on top of a gourd. Participants will learn how to weave a triple twine weave and a reverse twine weave. Using contrasting colors to create a striking design makes a beautiful woven gourd.

Cost of Class: $45
Time: Thursday All Day 8:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 2
Skill Level: Intermediate

Students should bring: scissors, spray bottle, bucket for soaking reed. Teacher will provide everything else.


This Class is Full

Stylized Ginko Leaf Carving
Susan Zanella

Come have fun creating this stylized branch of ginkgo leave while learning to carve three dimensions, smooth out your carving and create filigree background.

Cost of Class: $40.00
Time: Thursday morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 3
Skill Level: Intermediate

Instructor will provide: cut and cleaned gourd thick enough for carving. All patterns, transfer paper, etc.
Instructor will provide a gourd 7" round, 6" tall

Students need to bring: A rotary tool such as a dremel, carving burr: Engraving cutter burrs by Dremel #105 and #107, flame and needle diamond burrs



Double Wall Basket Weave Rim
Toni Mickle and Nancy Amburgey

Learn how to create a double wall Cherokee style of weaving around the top of a gourd, creating a sturdy rim.  In doing the process, a student will weave both up and down the gourd rim.  This creating a double walled rim and finish with a reed edging.  Thus having a lovely gourd with a sturdy double wall of colored reed.

Cost of Class: $68.00
Time: Thursday morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 6 min  (10 max students)
Skill Levels: All Levels

Instructor will provide: the instructor will supply all materials.  This will include a pre-drilled gourd finished on the inside and out. Either natural of variegated rattan reed, towels, containers for soaking reed.
7" to 9" approximately Diameter by 4"-6" approximately height

Students must bring: Bring Awl or Small Flat Screwdriver, Spring type clips, utility scissors for cutting reed(not your good scissors).  Students may want to wear older clothes.



This Class is Full

"Electrifying" Lidded Gourds
Reagan Bitler

Students will learn the basic steps in designing a tight fitting lid for a cannonball gourd.  This class will become "electrifying" when the instructor explains the Lichtenberg Wood Burning technique and discusses ALL of the required safety precautions when using the technique on gourds.  Students will be provided a pre-burned gourd for the class and WILL NOT be burning their own gourds.

Cost of Class: $50.00
Time: Thursday Morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 5
Skill Levels: All Levels

Instructor will provide: All materials and tools will be provided for the class.
Students will be provided a gourd that is approximately 6" in diameter and 5" high.


Go For the Gold
Sherry Briscoe

In this class, students will paint their gourd with acrylic paints and coat with a sealer/varnish; they will then learn how to do closed coiling and add bead(s) to create focal point(s)

Cost of Class: $40
Thursday morning 8:30-12:30
3-4 Hours
Minimum Number of Students: 2
Skill Level: Beginner

Instructor will provide: Cleaned/cut/sanded/drilled gourds; acrylic paints; paper rush; waxed linen in a variety of colors; beads; sealer/varnish; vinyl gloves; brush basins; brushes/sponges; paper towels; tutorial with instructions and a full color photo of completed project in a vinyl sheet cover; extra scissors and a couple of hair driers for those who may not have one.
Instructor will provide a gourd 4-6" Diameter x 4-6" Tall

Students must bring: Apron/smock to protect clothing; sharp scissors; hair drier


Faux Leather Tooled Gourd Vase,
Sheridan Style
Troy Tatum

Learn how to create the look of leather tooling on a gourd. The participants will transfer a furnished modified Sheridan style leather tool pattern to the gourd, wood-burn the outline, stipple and color the background and shade the tooled design. You will also learn how to create the appearance of stitching and install faux turquoise studs. We will use both pyrography and ink dyes to create the shading.  A detailed discussion of shading techniques along with an overview of pen tips and their uses will be provided. Some students may not finish the project in the allotted class time, but full instructions will be provided and all techniques will be demonstrated in class.

Cost of Class: $55.00
Time: Thursday morning 8:30-12:30
Minimum Number of Students: 2
Skill Level: Intermediate

The instructor will provide detailed instructions (tutorial), outline pattern, a shading guide, faux turquoise studs, transfer paper, pencils and pens, ink or leather dye, applicators, compasses,  white paint pens, a gourd protective finish, electrical needs, table protection and a 7" to 9" cleaned craft-ready gourd.
The instructor will provide a 7 to 9 inch craft ready gourd vase.

Students will needs to bring a variable temperature wood-burner with a skew tip, writing tip, medium ball tip, shading tip (large ball (1/8”‚ to 3mm) or bent shader) and any other tip you have. (We will discuss their uses) Bring a breathing mask or respirator, eye protection and a desire to learn about pyrography.


The Bear
Susan Taber

This is for intermediate and advanced painters. Painted on a 12 inch bushel gourd. This is a close up study of a bears’ eye and facial features using dry brushing and innovative eye techniques.

Cost of Class: $80.00
Time: Thursday All Day 8:30-5:30
Minimum Number of Students: 6
Skill Level: Advanced

Instructor will provide: Dry brushes, paint and templates.

Students must bring: 12 inch gourd. Brushes - 1/2 in. angle, #2 round and asst. stencil.