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Filigree Skull Wall Hanging

Robin Bryson
Thursday All Day 8:30-5:30

You will learn how to manipulate your carver to create tiny fine filigree designs on a already prepared gourd piece 10" tall by 9" wide. And enhancing the gourd skull with a touch of light wood burning.

Students must bring a carver with dremel bits #105, #107, #110 and #116; a wood burner temperature controlled with a rounded skew tip, dusk mask and eye protection wear.

Some students may not finish the project in class.




Triple Handle Gourd Basket with Seed Beads

Vickie Echols
Thursday All Day 8:30-5:30

You will learn how to coil pine needles onto a gourd to create 3 continuous loops that attach to each other for an interesting basket. You will learn how to incorporate beads into your coiling. The pine needles are glycerinated so they are gentle to your hands and they have greater flexibility to make tight turns without breaking. Sizes of gourds will range from 4” to 6”.
Students must bring: sharp scissors, small needle nose pliers, fine tipped wire cutters




Hopi Pine Needle Tray

Tina Handrop
Thursday All Day 8:30-5:30

Students will learn to create a pine needle coiled tray with a Gourd shard center base. First they will wood burn a Hopi circle & add  alcohol ink for a tint of color. Then students will attach pine needles using waxed thread, around the Gourd to make a tray approximately 6” around and 1 1/2” deep. When completed Students may choose to hang on a wall or display on a table. 

Students must bring: Wood burner; pencil; Sharp Scissors & heat gun or hair dryer.




The Chicken Coop

Susan Taber
$80.00 plus cost of cabinet!
Thursday All Day 8:30-5:30

Paint a quaint chicken coop cabinet and learn to dry brush and pyramid color! You will be surprised how easy it is to achieve depth and realism in your chicken!

Your cabinets will be made by gourd shapes that are available and may not be the exact same as mine!



Fall Carved Top Tree

Terry and Sandy Jordan
Thursday Morning 8:30-12:30
Maximum class size 10

So many tops, need new projects.  Students will create this tree using tops from gourds.  They will first stain (using alcohol inks), the tops then using a stencil draw fall leaves.  Next they will carve the leaves into the tops.  Terry will demonstrate how to cut around the leaves on the top rim to finish off your top.  Next the tops will be assembled (using a method created by Reagan Bitler and graciously shared) to create this lovely tree, ready for your Fall table.  The tree can also be stained in just green for a Christmas look.  A fun class to practice using those gourd tools.

Students must bring: gourd saw, Gourd carver with small round carving burr, mask, apron, paint brushes, water basin




Twisted Cat

Sheryl Scott
Thursday Morning 8:30-12:30

Taking a curly handle dipper gourd and clay and paint we will create a whimsical and colorful cat.
Students must bring paint brushes, water basin, apron if desired, and paint dryer




Ladybug Refrigerator Magnets

Doris Trombley
Thursday Morning 8:30-12:30

You will be making 2 ladybugs in this class. You will learn how to put a head on the bugs, how to make a back to seal it up and put the magnet on. You will learn how to paint with a stylus. I will provide all you need, 2 egg gourd halves, tutorial, patterns, paint,magnet and tools. We will not be making your normal red with black spots ladybugs, we will be making beautiful Pysanka designs.

Bring an apron to protect your cloths. And a happy face cause you are going to enjoy this class.




Mixed Media Gourd Fun

Debbie Wilson
Thursday Morning 8:30-12:30

Have a creative experience using a variety of media to enhance your gourd, a little carving for accents, a little painting , stamping, decoupage painted and stamped tissue papers, maybe even wood burning. This is a great class for experimenting with using a variety of media together. Make a very simple coiled rim to finish the piece off. Gourds, at least 6 inches across will be cut and cleaned , provided by instructor

Students must bring: a carver with round bits, mask woodburner, if using, apron, heat gun and or blow dryer, old towel




Faux Leather Tooled Gourd

Troy Tatum
Thursday Morning 8:30-12:30

In this class you will learn to create the appearance of leather tooling on a gourd. You will learn to wood burn the Leather Tooling Pattern outlines and borders, Shade the tooled pattern, color the gourd and background and add the faux stitching.

Students must bring an adjustable temperature wood burner with a skew or spear pen, a writing tip or small ball and a large ball pen for shading. Student may bring staining gloved, a mask and heat tool if desired




Display Basket for Mini Gourds

Tonya Cubeta
Thursday Morning 8:30-12:30

This basket is a great way to display your treasured mini gourds.  The bottom of the basket is started with a 12" wooden base.  There will be a choice of different kinds of wood.  The basket is about 3" high and is woven with a variety of sizes of reed.  Then you will learn to band and lash the basket.  If you have never woven a basket, this is a great basket to learn on, and vary useful too.

Students must bring: scissor, towel, bucket for water



Split Kudzu and Wisteria Vines for gourds 

Nancy Basket
Thursday Morning 8:30-12:30

Split local invasive vines for your work at home. Random free form and coiled techniques taught. Small examples of each will be made. Attaching fibers to gourd rims shown. Experiment with translucent, retted green kudzu vine fibers still used in Japan to make cloth! Great for miniatures!
Learn Cherokee stories and culture as you work. Bring your questions.