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Contests at Cherokee


Canteen Gourd Contest and Exchange

Here’s how it works: 
Pick your canteen gourd.  Do your best and most creative work:
Bedeck or bedazzle, carve it or burn it, 
Drill it or fill it, weave it or leave it, 
Paint it or dye it, make it holey or bowly,
Decoupage or steampunk, 
Simplistic or elaborate,
Anything goes,
Sign the bottom    

Bring your Canteen gourd to Cherokee for a contest.  Turn in your canteen and fill out a registration form by Thursday morning. Canteens will be on display and prizes will be awarded for: 

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd People's Choice 
  • Gathering Committee Selection 
  • Hopefully one more special award (it is in the works).   

A few more things:

  • This is a contest and exchange. If you are entering the competition you are expected to participate in the exchange.
  • This is a contest for people attending the Gourd Gathering. We are not taking mail-in entries.
  • You may use one or more canteen gourds

The winners of the Canteen Contest will be announced Saturday night. 

After the canteens are judged, there will be a canteen exchange...but not any ordinary exchange. Have you ever participated in a White Elephant gift exchange around the holidays? This is a take on that idea, but it is called the Left/Right exchange and it goes something like this:  Everyone who brought a canteen for the contest sits in a circle holding a numbered card.  A story is read that uses the words left and right. Every time you hear the word “left,” you pass the bag to the person on your left, every time you hear the word “right,” you pass the bag to the person on your right. At the end of the poem, you match your number with the corresponding gourd on display and take your new gourd home. Hopefully, it won’t be yours, unless you really loved your own creation!  I am so happy that Jeannine Thames and Susan Byra have agreed to coordinate the Canteen contest and exchange.   

The exchange will start at 9:00 am Sunday morning.


Live Art Contest

On Wednesday, May 31st there will be a live art contest. The rules are simple:

Anytime after 10am sign out a piece of gourd.
Bring any tools and embellishments with you.
Sit at one of the tables around the porch and create a masterpiece.
Turn in your finished piece by 6pm.
They will be judged and awards will be given Saturday night.

A few small rules:
You can only use the gourd piece that was given to you.
Do not sign your name to your gourd piece.
You must do all the work yourself between 10am and 5:59pm.
All work must be done on the fairgrounds.


Name Badge Contest

The name badge contest will be slightly different this year. Anyone interested in entering the contest will drop off their name badge next to the information booth (inside the vendor building) between 5:00 and 5:30pm on Friday.
They will be judged that evening and can be picked up Saturday morning after 8am.

Judging will be based on functionality, creativity, and contruction.

Awards will be given Saturday night.