"Fowl Play" Scholarship Fundraiser and Competition

In 2020, our competition/fundraising activity will be Fowl Play. Yes, we know chickens are fowl, but the term fowl comprises two biological orders of birds—land fowl, such as chicken, guineas, quail, turkeys, and pheasant, AND waterfowl, such as ducks, geese, and swan. So…let your imagination fly and enter the Fowl Play competition and auction. Gonna be a whole lot of chirping and quacking and honking and cooing and clucking going on! Certified judges will judge FOWL entries, and ribbons and monetary prizes will be awarded.  

Participants understand that their entries are a donation to the silent auction and will be sold. Proceeds raised from the “FOWL” silent auction will be divided into $100 Gourd Gathering Scholarships for 2021.

The fine print…. 

· Entries must be received at the Gourd Gathering no later than 12Noon Friday, May 31, 2019. 

· Participant(s) will enter themselves into one of the following two Divisions:

o Novice - Gourds are fun and I like to design projects for my own purpose and may provide them as gifts to family andco-workers.

o Advanced - Gourds are fun and I like to design projects for my own purpose and may provide them as gifts to family and co-workers, BUT I also teach gourd art techniques and projects for a profit, sell my finished work at shows and festivals, and/or display my gourds in art guilds and art galleries.

o Group – Two or more people.


· Entries will be entered into one of the following two Categories:

o Whole Gourd

o Cut Gourd

o Multiple Gourds or Gourd Pieces

· Participants may enter only one (1) piece per category.

· Entries will be judged by certified judges and scored based on 50% Technique and 50% Artistry.

2020 Cherokee Scholarships

There have been many discussions about helping our village of gourders grow by encouraging younger gourders to become involved and by bringing new attendees to Cherokee.

A part of the Gourd Gathering at Cherokee is fundraising. Last year, from the “Just Jacks”competition, the white elephant table sales, snacks, and drinks we raised enough money to offer eighteen one-hundred dollar scholarships that will be given to students attending the gathering this year to help offset the cost of classes. Nine scholarships will be awarded to “first time” students and nine for veteran students (nine years or more in attendance). If you qualify, make sure you read February’s newletter.  

In 2019, thirty-seven gourd artisans created "Jacks" which were entered into a competition, then auctioned to raise scholarship funds. 

A special thanks to those who made these scholarships possible--those who attended, those who created "Jacks", and those who bid on them, and those who donated, bought, and ran the White Elephant table, as well as selling snacks and drinks.