Friday Afternoon - 1:00-5:00


Bobbleheaded Mummy


Terry and Sandy Jordan

Cost: $50.00

Come create this wonderful bobbleheaded Mummy with Terry and Sandy.  Students will learn how to make the mummy from gourds and quikwood.  They will then give him eyes, arms and add the pumpkin either in his hand or at his feet.  They will then learn the technique to attach his head to his body and make him "bobble".  Students will then paint and wrap the mummy as well as the pumpkin.  What a wonderful, old-fashion creation.

Students Must Bring:

Apron, water basin, old paint brushes



Dragonfly Soleil


Jenn Avery

Cost: $49.00

Learn how to burn a realistic dragonfly with detailed wings.  Then, add variegated gold metal leaf for a stunning effect.  I take the time to work with you individually to help you develop your pyrography skills.

Students Must Bring:

Variable temperature pyrography tool with nibs that you will be able to burn lines and shade with.  I recommend a spear and bent spear shader but we can work with what you have.

I will provide everything else to complete the class.


Cardinal "Love Birds"


Laurie Weiand

Cost: $40.00

Using 2 ornamental  (3") pear gourds we will paint this "couple" into beautiful male and female cardinals. Using Quick Wood, we will form the beak and crest on the head. With a mold, we will add the wings to the body. Once the Quick Wood is set, I will guide you on painting the details needed to finishing these two "Love Birds".

Students Must Bring:

Rubber gloves, apron, heat gun or blow dryer. I will supply paint brushes or feel free to bring your own to use.


Scott's Butterfly Vase


Sheryl Scott

Cost: $50.00

You will get to work with a very large bottle gourd that has been pre cut and cleaned, to create a beautiful butterfly adonrned vase.  You will transfer your buttlerfly pattern to the gourd then woodburn your design,  we will leave it natural or you may add color to it at home such as oil pencils or ink or acrylics.  After you have finished the woodburning you will clean your gourd then you will learn a simple weaving technique with dyed pine needles and waxed linen around the rim.  

Students Must Bring:

Woodburner with skew or blade tip, tapestry needle to weave


Faux Stained Glass Mixed Media On Gourd Shards


Susan Crowe

Cost: $30.00

Four gourd art classes in one! We will explore all new ideas for mixed media on 2 1/2 inch gourd shards. Techniques will include: Faux watercolor techniques using alcohol inks and Sharpie markers. Faux stained glass lay outs using Venetian plaster and Lumiere paints.  We will have hands on die cutting to create felt appliques and fabric embellishments. There will also be a discussion of preservation options to protect non archival inks and watercolors from UV damage and sun fade. Your mini masterpieces can be turned into necklace pendants, frig magnets, ornaments and more.

Instructor will provide: 

Powertex materials and art supplies to complete the project.

Instruction sheets and supply list outlining the complete project will be emailed to participants after the gathering. 2 1/2 " round shards, cut & prepped.

Students must bring:
A box of disposable gloves.
Paint brush for detail painting.
Feel free to bring your own embellishments, fabric scraps or charms appropriate to size.
A heat gun for drying as needed.
An apron or smock.


In the Pines


Diane Ricker

Cost: $55.00

Student will use drill bits and fili point burr to create the individual petals of the pine cone. Pine cone branch will be painted in class. A battery powered candle will light through the holes.

Student should bring: 5/32 and 7/32 drill bits as well as a fili point burr similar to those sold at Welburns, Blue Whale Arts or Giraffes Laugh. Your Dremel drill or power carver, an Apron and a face mask. 



Vinyl Resists


Barbara Moore

Cost: $50.00

Students taking this class will be creating a one of a kind piece of Gourd Art by using a Vinyl Resist Technique which creates a beautiful shadow effect using Alcohol Inks, Waxes, and Vinyl Cut out pieces. How it turns out is different with each person but they are all beautiful. 

 Students should bring: 

A heat gun if you have one. I will provide one to share. Wear an apron or old clothes.


Carved Kokopelli


Dee Bryant

Cost: $55.00

Students will carve and decorate a tall "people" gourd in the style of a southwestern Kokopelli. They will use apoxy sculpt for the arms , and a smaller gourd for the head and a bamboo flute.The gourd will be stained with

Alcohol inks  and then dressed in furs and leathers and beads.

Students should bring:

Dremel for carving, scissors, glue gun, Any special beads, feathers, leathers or furs you'd like to use.


Oil Lamp


Sherry Briscoe

Cost: $45.00

In this class, students will learn how to: transfer the pattern with a wood burner, color the design with GourdMaster (GM) Ink Dyes and/or Transparent Acrylics, heat set the colors with a heat tool, wax the gourd with GM Protecting Wax, and insert the Oil Lamp tube/wick.

Students should bring:

Apron. adjustable wood burner, skew (or other pen you use for outlining),  and heat tool (not hair drier).



Luffa Insert


Troy Tatum

Cost: $50.00

In this class you will learn the new technique of preparing and utilizing luffa as an inserts into a gourd. We will draw  and woodburn the borders, cut out the leaf shapes and drill holes around the gourd to attach the Danish cording. Next we will color the gourd, attach the Danish cording, prepare the luffa and insert it into the gourd. Additional Danish cording will be supplies for the rim but we may not have time to attach it in class.

Student will need a saw or Welburn's filigree burr in a rotary carver (Dremel or micro carver), a respirator or dust mask and a drill with small bits (Instructor will have at least one drill set up) Student may want to bring gloves for staining and a heat gun but instructor will have several heat guns available.


Blue Turtle


Ellen Tatum

Cost: $50.00

This stunning blue turtle incorporates several skills.  Students will wood burn the turtle and wave lines.  Metallic paint is used to color the wave lines representing water and carving representing the sand is around the turtle.  Students must be familiar with carving and wood burning as this is not a beginner class.  Students should take home a finished project.  Students may like to filigree the sand area instead of dimpling which also works great with the design.

Students should bring:

Carver or rotary tools and bits.  Wood Burner with a skew or small ball bit, no Walnut Hollow wood burners.


Chip Carved Gourd


Crystal Lemmon

Cost: $55.00

Students will learn the technique of "chip carving" on a gourd using a wood gouge. Students will practice the technique on gourd pieces, design their pattern then chip carve the gourd.  They will learn how to carve an area to inlay a gemstone of their choice. 

Students should bring some type of leather glove to be worn on their non-dominant hand.


Working invasive Southern Vines into baskets or Gourds


Nancy Basket

Cost: $35.00

Learn how and when to gather Southern invasive Kudzu and Wisteria vines. Splitting, retting, braiding, random freeform weaving, coiling and template techniques introduced. Many samples shown. Pick your favorite technique, make a small starter basket, taking materials home for later.