Friday All Day 8:30 - 5:00


3-Stone Necklace


Vicki Echols

Cost:  $80.00

3-Stone Necklace

Students must bring:

Sharp Scissors, jewelry wire cutters, small needle nose plyers


Uniquely Carved Antler Cross


Robin Bryson

Cost:  $70.00

Create a unique relief carved antler cross, accented with wood burning for shading with a semi-precious stone (tiger eye), inlayed in the center.

Students must bring:

Mask & protective eye wear, carver (any brand) with dremel engraving bits #105, #107, #110 & #116 and carving carbide burrs. A temperature controlled wood burner with small rounded skew tip. Extension cord and power strip 


Sunset Beaded Lamp Shade


Karen Brown

Cost:  $55.00

Students will be working with basketball gourds, beads, vinyl, and ink dyes to create a one of a kind lamp shade for their home. The teacher has many different vinyl motifs to choose from as well as a wide range of colors to pick from. We have fun making these shades and the results are beautiful. All materials will be provided by the teacher for this class. 

Students can bring an apron if you have one.


Mystery Project


Susan Tabor

Cost:  $90.00

Want a little mystery or a surprise class. Register to paint a "scary" gourd.  You will be a "guinea pig" for one of my next designs that will be released this fall.



Green Sea Turtle


Marla Garber

Cost:  $95.00

In Chinese mythology a green sea turtle represents "wisdom".  In this class we will build and sculpt a green sea turtle from gourd shards and gourd pieces.  I'll show you what shape of gourd to look for when picking out gourds for the back shell and belly, to cut the legs/flippers.  You will learn to use Quickwood to sculpt the face and to add texture to the flippers. You will paint then mount it on a acrylic rod and mopani driftwood.  Some many not finish painting this in class.  

Students must bring:

A good quality dust mask, drill, 3/8", 3/32" 1/4" drill bits, Micromark saw , hot glue gun and glue stick