Friday All Day Classes - 8:30-5:30

3-Stone Necklace

Vicki Echols

Cost:  $80.00

3-Stone Necklace

Students must bring:

Sharp Scissors, jewelry wire cutters, small needle nose plyers

Uniquely Carved Antler Cross

Robin Bryson

Cost:  $70.00

Create a unique relief carved antler cross, accented with wood burning for shading with a semi-precious stone (tiger eye), inlayed in the center.

Students must bring:

Mask & protective eye wear, carver (any brand) with dremel engraving bits #105, #107, #110 & #116 and carving carbide burrs. A temperature controlled wood burner with small rounded skew tip. Extension cord and power strip 

Sunset Beaded Lamp Shades

Karen Brown

Cost:  $55.00

Students will be working with basketball gourds, beads, vinyl, and ink dyes to create a one of a kind lamp shade for their home. The teacher has many different vinyl motifs to choose from as well as a wide range of colors to pick from. We have fun making these shades and the results are beautiful. All materials will be provided by the teacher for this class. 

Students can bring an apron if you have one.

Friday Morning Classes - 8:30-11:30

Polymer Clay Embellishments for Gourds

Anna Fountain

Cost: $40.00

You will learn how to prepare polymer clay for use, create textures on the clay, cut and create designs as well as color your design before baking. You will make multiple pieces to include cabochons you can use for inlay on gourds.

Elegantly Off Center

Debbie Wilson

Cost:  $40.00

 Use those wonky gourds to an advantage! Coiling with danish paper cord will turn that gourd that was not created balanced into a gourd of beauty and elegance. By changing how the cord is applied with only an overhand stitch, side by side , or straight up and down will give it undulating qualities.
A relaxing class , I promise.

Students must bring:

Apron, scissors

Woodpecker Mini Gourd

Jen Avery

Cost:  $44.00

 Sharpen your pyrography skills by working on detail work on this red bellied woodpecker on a small kettle shaped gourd.  Shade feathers and tree bark with a natural realism.  I take the time to work with you individually to help you develop your pyrography skills. Then, we will add just a touch of color to his head.

Students must bring:

Variable temperature pyrography tool with nibs that you will be able to burn lines and shade with.  I recommend a spear, and a small or medium bent spear but we can work with what you have.

I will supply everything else!

Blingin' In the Holiday

Terry and Sandy Jordan

Cost:  $50.00

Come create this wonderful, crackled tree that also serves as an ornament holder. The student will crackle the tree, hand crafted by Terry, on both sides and add rhinestone bling. Students will use the same process to create a beautiful matching gourd ornament . What a delightful, special gift to give someone (or keep for yourself!)

Students must bring:

Apron, old paint brushes, water basin

Laced Thunderbird Gourd

Jan Banta-Briseno

Cost:  $60.00

Students will learn various stitches to embellish their gourds (these are different stitches than my other class) additional patterns will be available .

Students must bring:

rotary tool

Gourd "Doodle" Necklace

Laurie Weiand

Cost:  $30.00

Get your Zen on with a little "Doodle" on a jewelry gourd. It's around 1 1/2" in size, but it will be a  great fashion piece to wear once you woodburn the gourd "Doodle" in! If you like to try burning in miniature scale, this will be it...

You will need a woodburner with an adjustable temperature control. Various small burning tips such as a small skew or knife, small round extra fine writing tip, x-small spoon shader and a small round. These are a small example of what you can use. When finished burning, we will assemble the necklace with cord and beads. The added bonus to the necklace is that it can be used as an "Aroma Therapy" option as well.

Students must bring:

Woodburner with adjustable heat control, with tips listed above.

"Little Pot of Coiling"

Tina Handrop

Cost:  $50.00

Students will decorate a small or mini gourd bowl & add a coiled rim to create a small or miniature hanging bowl for decorations or adding succulent plants. Students will learn to do a 4 braid hanger as well.  Tiny Succulent plants will be provided for each "Little Pot of Coiling".

Students must bring:

Sharp scissors; apron; heat gun or hair dryer

Chickadee Bowl

Betsey Sloan

Cost:  $25.00

This lovely chickadee bowl is a great beginner project.  Bring an open and cleaned gourd (approx 5-6 inches wide) to class and learn how to apply press on stencils that look just like you painted it! Color with alcohol ink and add a rim of philodendron sheaths or seagrass or twisted paper (all available) and you have a very nice bowl.  (Gourds available at $8 but you must notify me in advance.)

Students must bring:

Bring cover up, scissors.