Saturday Afternoon - 1:00-5:00


Tribute to Gustav


Debbie Wilson

Cost: $37.00

Make your tribute to Gustav Klimt with carving lines, swirls and circles with a inverted cone and then applying the magic with a a variety of mixed media in color. Transtint, acrylic, lumiere, and heat set inks all create the shimmering affect. Carving pattern is super simple and just requires two  3/32 bits, a small ball and a small inverted cone.  Color choices are up to participants with guidance of instructor on color theory.

Students Must Bring:

Apron, rotary tool with  that can use 3/32 bits. a small round ball and an inverted cone are two bits needed, what comes in the basic ( 5  different bits, 3/32) dremel pack of bits is great. Mask, gloves 


Turtle Pyrography Sampler


Jenn Avery

Cost: $49.00

Ever wonder how to get all those different effects from your pyrography tool?  Maybe you invested in a good pyrography tool and you never used it!  This is the time for you to blow the dust off and take it out of the box!  We will go over many different pyrography techniques using a variety of pens.  I take the time to go over your technique individually to help you correct mistakes and develop your skills.   And in the end, you will have a cute turtle complete with all you learned!

Students Must Bring:

Variable temperature pyrography tool with nibs that you will be able to burn lines, shade and dots with.  I recommend a spear, bent spear shader and a medium ball nib, but we can work with what you have.



Tree of Life


Anna Fountain

Cost:  $50.00

Once your bowls are painted, you will learn how  to determine how many limbs you need for your tree and how to place the holes. You will also learn how to add the stones and create the limbs and trunk of your tree. The final step will be adding the tree roots to the bottoms and creating your rim. You will be able to finish this bowl in class.

Students must bring:

Heating tool,  

jewelry wire cutter and small pliers (I will have extras)

Dremel or carver for drilling holes

Stadler Compass if you have one ( I will have extras if you don't)

Rubber Gloves


Awl ( for presetting holes)


Small 1/4 in wide paint brush for applying heat set glue

3M mask

Small scissors ( I have extras)

Ink pen or marker ( I have extras)


Dipper Wall Weave


Betsey Sloan

Cost: $45.00

Using a dipper gourd that is provided, students will learn how to use smoked reed to create the framework for this wall design.  Then using a variety of materials such as yarn, dyed reed, kudzu, grapeviine, seagrass and more, they will execute a simple over/under weave and will add more spokes as needed.  

Students must bring:

An apron or coverup, a towel, water bucket, awl if you have one, clothespins or clips, reed scissors.



Realistic Sea Urchins


Cara Bevan

Cost: $45.00

You probably won't find sea urchins like this washed up on the beach! Using a canteen gourd, an awl, and epoxy clay, we'll be making our own life-like and larger-than-life sea urchins. We'll explore different patterns, designing them ourselves, and texturing them with light carving and clay. We'll also be painting them and using dry-brushing techniques. All materials are provided, but I recommend you bring your own sculpting tools if available (needle tool and awl especially). You will leave with one finished gourd sea urchin sculpture.




Robyn Goode

Cost: $55.00

This class is going to be a fun class we will sculpt and make fun dragons.  I will show a great way to make dragon wings and different textures to clay dragons 


Tribal Cording with Etched Feathers


Ellen Tatum

Cost: $50.00

This beautiful designed bowl can be created by students that want to enhance their carving and wood burning skills while learning how to attach Tribal Cording without letting the seam show.  This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced student.  Colors are beautiful in the cording while the feathers are etched and carved it makes a beautiful Indian bowl.


Thunder Drum


Bob Briscoe

Cost: $50.00

Students will be provided with a cleaned, sanded, and drilled gourd ready to become a drum.  They will learn how to:  use alcohol inks to color their gourds, seal the gourds with a glaze/varnish, stretch and apply the goat skin drum head with upholstery tacks, and add the rawhide handle.  They will also have a demo on how to install the spring.  They will have to allow the drum head to dry before inserting the spring, but will each receive one when they leave class.


Vinyl Resist


Barbara Moore

Cost: $50.00

Students taking this class will be creating a one of a kind piece of Gourd Art on a Cannonball Gourd by using a Vinyl Resist Technique which creates a beautiful shadow effect using Alcohol Inks, Waxes, and Vinyl Cut out pieces. How it turns out is different with each person but they are all beautiful. 


Spry Little Sand Piper With Powertex


Susan Crowe

Cost: $70.00

You asked for him, now he's back for all you beach lovers! We will learn multiple techniques for building an armature out of simple materials such as wire, clay, aluminum foil, masking tape and brick. I will teach you how to mix, mold and apply Powertex textile hardener and Stone Art. This year I have a new technique that doesn't require so much biscuit making (all of you Powertex fans know what I mean)! We will also learn how to  use Power Color pigments in order  to create crackle clay and  applied  highlights for added effect. 6" penguin gourd and 2" egg gourd.

Students must bring:

A box of disposable gloves. Bring a whole box, this is really messy fun! Powertex and diamond rings don't play well together.

Light weight dust mask if desired. This project can create some dust when mixing the clay, so anyone with dust allergies may want a mask. 

A heat gun for drying as needed.

An apron or smock, but I would also highly recommend wearing old "play" clothes! We will be working with a textile hardening liquid and guess what it will do if you get it on your clothing? Harden it, permanently! This product will not wash out of your clothing if you get it on you. 




Diane Ricker

Cost: $75.00

Mandala: (definition) A geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist

Come join the calming experience of creating geometric patterns by dipping (into paint) and dotting (onto gourd) on a cannon ball gourd. Swarovski crystals provided for that extra glitz. But be careful, it is Addictive! The possibilities are endless.

Teacher provides prepared gourd, all paints, styluses and Swarovski crystals.

Student should bring an Apron and a steady hand. 

Students will go home with 8 styluses to create more Mandalas at home


Chip Carved Gourd


Crystal Lemmon

Cost: $55.00

Students will learn the technique of "chip carving" on a gourd using a wood gouge. Students will practice the technique on gourd pieces, design their pattern then chip carve the gourd.  They will learn how to carve an area to inlay a gemstone of their choice. 

Students should bring some type of leather glove to be worn on their non-dominant hand.