Saturday All Day Classes - 8:30-5:00

Mixed Media Leghorn Rooster

Robin Bryson

Cost: $75.00

Combine new styles and techniques such as wood burning, quick wood sculpt and egg shells, to create a unique rooster with your own personal touch.

Students Must Bring:

Clear Elmer's glue, awl, tweezers, wood burner. xacto knife, knife with a rounded tip, carver with drill bits, egg shells at least 6 eggs, (remove the membrane with bleach, it should peel right off), eye protection and face mask.

Sea Shell Fitted Lid Gourd Basket

Vicki Echols

Cost: $80.00

You will learn how to coil pine needles onto a prepared fancy sea shell while incorporating beads into your work. You will use the beads to fill in the gaps to turn an odd shape into a round one. Shaping techniques will be emphasized to help you get a well-fitted lid. This lid is made in two parts so you will learn how

to attach a new pine needle coil to the piece of the lid you have just created. Some pine needle weaving experience will be very helpful.

Students Must Bring:

Sharp scissors, jewelry wire cutters & small needle nose pliers.

Enhanced Pyrography with Color Pencils

Karen Brown

Cost: $55.00

In this all day class students will select an image from the three sheets of images (20 different sheets to choose from) Included in the class, render it with their wood burner and then add color to the image using professional grade color pencils. You'll learn about the different pens/tips, and their uses, Different techniques that can be used with color pencils and how to blend them. An extensive handout also comes with this class. We will be burning on bass wood tiles NOT GOURDS for this class. A set of color pencils is included in your class fee! 

The Curious Cat

Laurie Weiand

Cost: $60.00

I designed this class for the student that has experience working with Quick wood. With that said, I will guide you in the techniques needed to apply the Quick wood onto the cats legs and form the paws, along with the tail. Once the body is completed, the painting process will begin.The head will already be formed and ready to paint, with the exception of the ears, they will have to be added on. Once painted, we will add the eyes, whiskers and a collar to show your cats wonderful character. The cats head can actually turn and move from side to side, for that perfect pose! 

Students must bring:

Rubber gloves, apron, heat gun or blow dryer to help speed up the paint drying. If you want to bring your own paint brushes that is fine. We will be using a filbert grainer specifically for the cats hair.

Rocky Road

Jodi Dingivan

Cost: $65.00

Learn how to inlay tock onto a gourd and then apply grout finish.

Students must bring:

Carver and Sabertooth bits and dust mask

Saturday Morning Classes - 8:30-11:30

Celtic Gold Leaf Statement Necklace

Jenn Avery

Cost: $47.00

Make a statement with this large sized Celtic gourd piece pendant.  We will use pyrography to burn on the design, and then use variegated gold leaf to give it an exquisite shine.  We will talk a little about Celtic design and how you can vary it to make it your own.  Learn how to burn nice crisp lines!

This class is for all levels of experience.

Students Must Bring:

Bring a variable temperature pyrography tool, pyro pens with a line drawing nib- like a skew or spear tip, and a shader nib.  A ball or writing nib is also helpful. 

I will provide everything else you will need, including the findings and chain.

Leaves and Checkers

Debbie Wilson

Cost: 37.00

 Carve  fanciful leaves filled with doodle designs against a carved checker board backdrop.  By putting tow designs against each other , you are creating a 3-d impression. Only one small straight  or small ball bit required with your rotary tool. We will not be adding on the  rim, though I will have hand out on how to do the coiled rim.

Students Must Bring:

Apron, mask, rotary tool with either dental bits or small ball or straight bits 3/32 or 3/64 in size. please make sure that your rotary tool will accept these bits, with either collets or a rotary head that is adjustable.


Karen Beckelman

Cost: 50.00

Come make this wonderful apple gourd basket with Karen.  The student will learn how to create their "basket" by woodburning the gourd to look like a woven basket.  The student will then complete the inside of the basket using mod podge and fabric.

Students Must Bring:

Student will need to bring a variable temperature woodburner with a 

skew or knife tip, and apron, a mask and a small foam brush.

Tree of Life

Anna Fountain

Cost:  $50.00

Once your bowls are painted, you will learn how  to determine how many limbs you need for your tree and how to place the holes. You will also learn how to add the stones and create the limbs and trunk of your tree. The final step will be adding the tree roots to the bottoms and creating your rim. You will be able to finish this bowl in class.

Students must bring:

Heating tool,  

jewelry wire cutter and small pliers (I will have extras)

Dremel or carver for drilling holes

Stadler Compass if you have one ( I will have extras if you don't)

Rubber Gloves


Awl ( for presetting holes)


Small 1/4 in wide paint brush for applying heat set glue

3M mask

Small scissors ( I have extras)

Ink pen or marker ( I have extras)

My Happy Santa

Joyce Shelton

Cost: $35.00

The students in this class will learn about facial features and how to paint them.  They will sculpt with Quick Wood and create a fur texture.  I will encourage each student to use objects they have on hand to do this.  The class will paint with acrylic paints.  Hopefully, this will become your favorite ornament.  His picture is on the back cover of our last issue (Fall 2018) The Gourd Magazine.  This is my original design.

Students should bring:  apron or some kind of clothing cover-up; an assortment of paint brushes and a water container.