Sunday Morning - 9:00-12:00 or 9:00-1:00


Pine Needle Necklace


Tonya Cubeta

Cost: $35.00

Description: Weave pine needles around an electrified gourd circle using wax linen. There will be different colors of pine needles and wax linen to choose from.  Add beads and embellishments to make a beautiful necklace.  (The gourd circles have already been electrified by Suzi Nonn.)

Students Should Bring: Nothing


Steam Punk Mixed Media On Gourd Shards


Susan Crowe

Cost: $30.00

Four gourd art classes in one! We will explore all new ideas for mixed media on 2 1/2 inch gourd shards. Techniques will include: Metal Foil art, faux rust with Powertex Rusty Powder effect, faux verdigris and metal foil with Lumiere paints. We will learn basic embellishment application, faux patinas with acrylic paints and texturing.  

Your mini masterpieces can be turned into necklace pendants, frig magnets, ornaments and more. 

Students should bring:

A box of disposable gloves.

Paint brush for detail painting.

Feel free to bring your own embellishments, fabric scraps or charms appropriate to size.

A heat gun for drying as needed.

An apron or smock.


Fill It In With Shells


Vicki Echols

Cost: $75.00

You will learn how to coil pine needles onto a prepared gourd using waxed linen. You will learn how to fill in the void in the gourd while incorporating sliced sea shells into your weaving. Shaping techniques and floating coils will be emphasized to make your basket unique. 

Students Must Bring:

Sharp Scissors, jewelry wire cutters, small needle nose pliers.



My Happy Santa


Joyce Shelton

Cost: $35.00

The students in this class will learn about facial features and how to paint them.  They will sculpt with Quick Wood and create a fur texture.  I will encourage each student to use objects they have on hand to do this.  The class will paint with acrylic paints.  Hopefully, this will become your favorite ornament.  His picture is on the back cover of our last issue (Fall 2018) The Gourd Magazine.  This is my original design.

Students should bring:  apron or some kind of clothing cover-up; an assortment of paint brushes and a water container.


Candy Anyone?


Terry and Sandy Jordan

Cost: $50.00

Elvis and Elvira are asking the question, "Candy Anyone?"  Come make this adorable Giraffe Candy Dish with Terry.  You can make either Elvis or Elvira.  Your candy dish will sit on the giraffes back.  Gourds are used for the candy dish and head.  Quikwood and dowels are used for legs and features.  Students may or may not have time to paint but Sandy will discuss with you the painting requirements (Sandy will have paint available if you have time.  Sandy will also discuss adding a rim, but the rim is not part of the class.)

Student must bring:

ONE-STROKE BRUSHES (If you cannot find these brushes, Sandy will have some for purchase--$18):  Paint Water Basin and Small paint brushes, apron


The Storyteller


Dee Bryant

Cost: $55.00

Students will make a storyteller doll with all her babies during the class. We will use apoxy sculpt to make arms and legs  and while that dries, we will paint and decorate with cloth beads and feathers.

Students must bring:

Glue gun , scissors 


Cows and Horses


Judi Fleming

Cost: $30.00

Learn to make these adorable little cow and horse ornaments from small Chinese bottle gourds. You'll learn QuikWood, sculpting and painting shading basics. You will make two ornaments in this class. 

Students should bring an apron

Delicate Filigree Star Fish



Robin Bryson

Cost: $70.00

Create a wonderful carved star fish, accented with filigree around it, on a thin gourd. Giving the illusion of depth without deep carving.

Students are required to bring:  Power carver with dremel bits: #110,  #116 & carbide burrs, fine files, dusk mask and eye protection. Power strip and extension cord.