Sunday Morning - 9:00-12:00

Easter Bunny

Sheryl Scott

Cost: $45.00

You will learn how to take 2 ornamental gourds using quikwood and create this whimsical bunny.  you use the clay to connect the 2 gourds and make all the facial features and the arms and legs as well as a string of pearls on the bunny.  You will then paint and spray a finish to complete your project.

Students Must Bring:

paint brushes, water basin, gloves if you are sensitive to quikwood, craft dryer to dry the paint, clay tools(not required only if you want them).

Fill It In With Shells

Vicki Echols

Cost: $75.00

You will learn how to coil pine needles onto a prepared gourd using waxed linen. You will learn how to fill in the void in the gourd while incorporating sliced sea shells into your weaving. Shaping techniques and floating coils will be emphasized to make your basket unique. 

Students Must Bring:

Sharp Scissors, jewelry wire cutters, small needle nose pliers.

My Happy Santa

Joyce Shelton

Cost: $35.00

The students in this class will learn about facial features and how to paint them.  They will sculpt with Quick Wood and create a fur texture.  I will encourage each student to use objects they have on hand to do this.  The class will paint with acrylic paints.  Hopefully, this will become your favorite ornament.  His picture is on the back cover of our last issue (Fall 2018) The Gourd Magazine.  This is my original design.

Students should bring:  apron or some kind of clothing cover-up; an assortment of paint brushes and a water container.

Mini Pine Needle Basket and Pitcher

Jodi Dingivan

Cost: $30.00

Learn to pine needle on miniature gourds.

All supplies supplied by teacher.