Thursday Afternoon - 1:00-5:00



Stamped and Woven


Debbie Wilson

Cost: $45.00

 Use stamps with permanent ink to decorate a gourd cut with a squared opening. Weaving will include learning how to twine, and triple twine and a woven border. Materials used include twine, jute and round reed. 

Student must bring:

apron, scissors, awl ( weaverite tools ) if you have them


Scott Southern Sheep


Sheryl Scott

Cost: $45.00

You will get to work with a wonderfully funky African Warty gourd, you will add facial features, feet, and a tail from quikwood.  We will then paint the sheep and color and the final touches of features with acrylic paint. 

Student must bring:

Paint brushes, water basin, gloves if you are sensitive to quikwood, clay tools if you want ( I use my hands and fingers to shape) , craft dryer.



Dragonfly Soleil


Jenn Avery

Cost: $49.00

Learn how to burn a realistic dragonfly with detailed wings.  Then, add variegated gold metal leaf for a stunning effect.  I take the time to work with you individually to help you develop your pyrography skills.

Students Must Bring:

Variable temperature pyrography tool with nibs that you will be able to burn lines and shade with.  I recommend a spear and bent spear shader but we can work with what you have.

I will provide everything else to complete the class.


"Speckled Chicken"


Laurie Weiand

Cost: $55.00

This chicken is something to "Cluck" about! Made with a 4" wartie gourd and broom corn for a tail. There will be 2 of these chickens to make. One chicken will be ready to paint, then embellished with Quick Wood for it's comb and waddle. Add the broom corn for it's fancy tail and it will be ready to show off. The second wartie chicken you will learn how to do the fancy design on its neck and head. Due to the technique having to dry and set for 24 hrs. You will be able to finish the rest at your own convenience. You will go home with the supplies needed to finish this chicken.

Students must bring:

Apron, rubber gloves, heat gun or blow dryer.


Cows and Horses


Judi Fleming

Cost: $30.00

Learn to make these adorable little cow and horse ornaments from small Chinese bottle gourds. You'll learn QuikWood, sculpting and painting shading basics. You will make two ornaments in this class. 

Students should bring an apron


Carved Hummingbird


Betsey Sloan

Cost: $50.00

Students will create a beautiful hummingbird landing on a flower by using a variety of carving bits.  The thick gourd will be provided.  Students will learn how to remove the gourd skin and how to define the design element. Painting the design is not included and doesn't need to be done at all. 

Students must bring a variable speed carver and all their carving bits INCLUDING  a textured carbide, 2 to 3 ball bits ( and one inverted cone. A dust mask and safety glasses, apron, soft brush, ballpoint pen. And knowledge on HOW TO WORK YOUR CARVER. Please, make sure you know and have used your equipment and have appropriate colletts to make bit changes.


Tea Time


Robyn Goode

Cost: $55.00

In this class you will learn how to apply gourd pieces and other items to make a fun and lovely gourd Tea Pot.   We will be using quick wood to clay so you will have time to paint it with some fun  and whimsical designs.

Instructor will provide everything.



Vinyl Resist


Barbara Moore

Cost: $50.00

Students taking this class will be creating a one of a kind piece of Gourd Art by using a Vinyl Resist Technique which creates a beautiful shadow effect using Alcohol Inks, Waxes and Vinyl pieces. How it turns out is different with each person but they are all beautiful.

Student should bring:

A heat gun if you have one. I have one to loan but we can get finished quicker if others bring theirs. Wear an apron or old clothes.


Sunflower Bird House


Ellen Tatum

Cost: $45.00

This beautiful and striking bird house can be created by the student in approximately 3-4 hours.  The sunflower is wood burned using a skew or a small ball tip, then dyed and painted the beautiful blue in the picture.  Students with minimal wood burning skills will enjoy creating this project.  Students will make this a ready to hang project by adding the wooden dowel and the leather hanging strip.

Students need to bring:

 Wood burner and sponge applicator for paint.  I supply all other needed materials.



The Tree of Joy


Joy Jackson-Bedsole

Cost: $40.00

Students who sign up for this class will be creating a beautiful tree ~ perhaps the memory of a favorite climbing tree from childhood, times shared with someone special beneath the shade tree at the lake, or a nod to your own family tree.  Using hot glue and metal leafing, each student will creation will certainly be one-of-a-kind.

So that the creative process can begin right away, a pre-painted gourd will be provided for each student.  While it may be a slightly different shape than the one pictured, I will try for an approximate same size of 11"tall x 8" wide.  Each artist will have their choice of leafing color; gold, silver, or copper.  I will provide mini glue sticks, paint/brushes for touch-up, and anything else needed to complete the project.  There will be handouts and discussion on different metal leafing techniques.

Students need to bring a pen or pencil, glue gun (that holds mini glue sticks), a heat (craft/embossing) tool or a hairdryer, and an apron or cover-up if desired.