Thursday All Day 8:30 - 5:00


Tri-Loopy Gourd Basket & Porcelain Beads


Vicki Echols

Cost: $80.00

This is a fun class where you will learn how to incorporate beads into your pine needle coiling. A variety of stitches will be learned as well as shaping techniques and how to invisibly finish off your "ends".  We will be using glycerinated pine needles, waxed lined and porcelain beads to create a unique gourd basket. The gourds are all prepared by me and ready to weave, so all you have to do is coil and create. There will be a variety of porcelain beads for your selection. This class covers quite a bit and most students should be able to finish. A detailed tutorial will be emailed after the class.

Students must bring:

Sharp scissors, jewelry wire cutters, small needle nose pliers.


The Galaxy Cat


Robin Bryson

Cost: $75.00

Create a spectacular ink dye cat design, enhanced with pen and ink dots.

Students must bring:

A clean cut & ready gourd slightly bigger than the pattern size which is 7"H x 7"W. You may cut the top of if you wish, heat gun, power strip and extension cord. small needle nose pliers


Antler Bowls with paper twist


Karen Brown

Cost: $40.00

Each student will learn how to coil paper twist onto a gourd bowl rim and attach an antler to the bowl while coiling the rim. The students will select their own color theme for their piece from bowl color, paper twist color, thread , and the antler they'll use for their project. All materials will be provided by the teacher for this fun filled class. Additional dry natural materials will be available to add even more to your pieces. 




Susan Tabor

Cost: $90.00

Adorable Penguin Lamp

Instructor will provide everything



Oak Leaf Carving


Troy Tatum

Cost: $95.00

In this exciting day long class we will explore power carving on a gourd by carving the oak leaf and the filigree background. You will be guided step-by-step through the process of creating this relief power carving. The class will include an overview of the different power carving machines and their uses along with a discussion on burrs types and shapes. We will color the gourd, transfer the pattern, woodburn  the border,  cut away the excess gourd and carve, carve, carve. Some students may not finish the filigree in class but full instructions will be provided.

Students must bring a power carving machine (Flex shaft or micro carver) with all the burrs you have. Students will need a respirator and a wood burner with a skew nib for the border. This is an all day class of carving so you might want a cushion and hearing protection as well.