Wednesday Afternoon Classes 1:00-5:00pm

Boo Lights Up the Night

Terry and Sandy Jordan

Cost: $50.00

Come work with Terry to create this beautiful Halloween Ghost Lamp.  The student will use Quikwood to create a Happy Boo Ghost ready to bring in the Halloween season.  Sandy will then teach you how to paint the ghost and add silhouettes.  You can choose to add a haunted house, flying witch, bats, a black cat, etc. You are only limited by your imagination.  Then you will add turkish beads around your moon to bring out the light. What a wonderful way to not "stay in the dark"‚ on a spooky Halloween night. 

Students are required to bring:
ONE-STROKE BRUSHES (If you cannot find these brushes, Sandy will have some for purchase--$18): small awl, drill with small bits, (You need a 9/64" (4mm beads) or 7/32" (6 mm beads) your choice). Paint Water Basin and Small paint brushes, apron

Delicate Filigree Star Fish

Robin Bryson

Cost: $70.00

Create a wonderful carved star fish, accented with filigree around it, on a thin gourd. Giving the illusion of depth without deep carving.

Students are required to bring:
Power carver with dremel bits: #110,  #116 & carbide burrs, fine files, dusk mask and eye protection. Power strip and extension cord.

Agate & Mini Gourd Free-Form Basket

Vicki Echols

Cost: $75.00

Here is a great project to use gourds in different ways. Turn them into "Beads"!  We will learn how to coil pine needles onto a prepared agate that is attached to leather.  We will use the ‚"Caps" of the pine needles in our work for added texture. We will be using pine needles that are processed with glycerin so they are gentle on our hands and are extremely flexible. A detailed tutorial will be emailed to students after the class. The jewelry gourds may be dyed prior to weaving.

Students are required to bring:
Sharp scissors, jewelry wire cutters, small needle nose pliers

Tulips All Around

Karen Beckelman

Cost: $55.00

Come create this beautiful, one of a kind crackled tulip gourd candle ring with candle. The gourd is in the shape of a tulip which will match the candle which has tulips painted on it. The candle and holder are painted with the Donna Dewberry one-stroke technique.  The student will crackle the gourd candle holder. Come learn from Karen, one of Donna's Certifying Masters. The student will crackle the gourd candle holder.

Students are required to bring:
An apron/smock to protect their clothes, pencil, water basin, and brushes.  (Brush sets (10 brushes in set) are available from the instructor for $18)

Cooking with Gourds

Judi Fleming

Cost: $15.00

Learn how to cook with various types of gourds and receive several recipes from many cultures.

Students should bring an apron

Tools of the Trade

Karen Brown

Cost: $30.00

Are you new to gourds? What to know what all the tools we use are for? Or how each one works? Well this is the class for you. I have over 20 years of gourd knowledge and all the toys (I mean tools) to play with. Come and enjoy a day of play and learning hands on with all the tools you may every need. From saws, wood burners, and rotary tools to what you do with all the those burrs. If it's power or hand and it's tools I have it in my collection. Come and see what they do and get hands on with them to see if they are what you want to buy or just don't need. An extensive handout comes with this class. 

Hammered Metal Bowl

Jodi Dingivan

Cost: $60.00

 Learn to apply hammered metal with leather trim.

Students must bring:

Small wheel bit and small ball pit with Carver tool