Wednesday Afternoon 1-5pm



Bang Your Drum

Instructor: Karen Hundt-Brown

Cost: $65.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Lets make some noise!! Students will be lacing a goat skin to a gourd to create their own drum (or thunder drum) in class. If you love music or just know drums to play with this class will get you banging away in no time.

Students Must Bring: Nothing




Ink Dye Baby Owls with Natural Bark

Instructor: Robin Bryson


Skill Level: All


Description: Create a unique gourd with baby owls peeking out of a tree hole, accented with natural tree bark to give your gourd a realist effect. Special thanks to Rhena for wanting a gourd owl for her sister, that got my creative juices flowing.

Students Must Bring: A medium size cut and clean canteen gourd, (belt sand the bottom for free standing; teacher will have some available cut and ready for purchase) and a razor blade.




Wire Wrap & Link Your Tyvek Beads

Vickie Echols


Skill Level: All


Description: You will have fun making your own beads, using Tyvek and other fusible/bondable fabrics and fibers, to use to embellish your gourds or to make your own jewelry . After you make your beads you will use colored wire, glass seed beads & findings to bling them out and discover ways of linking your beads together. I was inspired for this class by my love of beads and what could be better than making your own!

Students Must Bring: Heat tool, wire cutters, needle nose plyers, round nose plyers, cutting mat, X-Acto knife, 3 to 4 colors of alcohol inks, latex gloves and metal yard stick. If students don't have the tools I do have loaners but there will be a wait to use them. 



Charming Mud Light

Instructors: Terry and Sandy Jordan


Skill Level: All

Description: The student will use a small cannonball gourd to create this light. The student will learn to ‘mud’ a five petal flower and leaf design on the gourd. They will also learn how to create a triple cluster. Holes will then be drilled to allow light to come through the gourd. Mud is a dimensional paint developed by Margot Clark. Her mud and techniques will be used. Instructor will supply mud, brush, gourd (cleaned and painted), base and light kit. Mudding kits will be available to purchase.   

Students must bring: Student needs to bring nothing but an apron. 



Santa Chicken

Instructor: Judi Fleming

Cost: $20.00

Skill Level: All

Description: This fun, fat and festive chicken sports a Santa hat and bright colors to make you smile. You’ll learn how to add and sculpt QuikWood on a tiny bottle gourd along with painting and shading tips. This is a fun class for all levels and teaches skills that easily transfer to making all types of fun gourd critters

Students Must Bring: Apron



Gingko Leaves with Coiled Center

Instructor: Debbie Wilson

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Carve some gingko leaves of different sizes and directions around the top rim of a gourd, Stipple in the background after removing gourd skin. Colors will be added as part of the process to offset the texture of the leaves. Finish the top with a coiled rim in seagrass and dyed jute that brings out the design. All materials provided except carving tools, carving bits, apron, dust mask. Thanks to Marla Helton for teaching me to coil, It has been something great to share and certainly enhances a gourd.


Students Must Bring: Rotary carver, small and medium ball bits, a straight bit is good also. I recommend carbide bits, diamond bits will not work. please bring a dust mask and apron .

I have 6 additional carvers that can be reserved if someone does not have one



Whimsical Mushroom Garden

Instructor: Jody Dingivan

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Using your imagination and creativity you will create a whimsical mushroom garden using dried cactus,moss, gourds and other embellishments. Participants will carve and paint the gourds .You will leave with a beautiful piece for your home. I want to thank Sandra Thomas for introducing me to the art of gourds.

Students Must Bring: Carver and bits dust mask paint brushes and heat tool.



Gretchen Rim

Instructor: Tonya Cubeta

Cost: $60.00

Skill Level All

Come and learn how to weave a Gretchen boarder on a cleaned and prepared 8” gourd Bowl. There will be a choice of color or you may weave the boarder in natural. The Gretchen boarder is a great way to finish the rim of a gourd, now is your chance to finally learn how to do it!

Students Must Bring: basket scissor and a spray bottle.



Splitting Invasives

Instructor: Nancy Basket

Cost: $35.00

Skill Level All

This is a 3 hour class

Description: Learn all about invasive plants: kudzu, wisteria, trumpet vines plus...
Find out what splits, when, where to gather and how to store.  Using whole larger vines, and some of the split pieces, you’ll fashion an open weave, random freeform vessel. 

Students Must Bring: Nothing



Decorative Stitch Class

Instructor: Jan Banta-Briseno    

Cost: $45.00

Skill Level All

Description: Students will learn decorative stitches to embellish their gourd art.

Students Must Bring:  Rotary tool (I'll supply everything else).