Friday Afternoon 1:00 - 5:00



Fine Silver Gourd-Shaped Earrings

Instructor: Betsey Sloan

Cost: $45.00

Skill Level: All

Description: This is an awesome and fun class. Using a 5ml package of metal clay, students will roll out then texture, cut and refine their earrings. Metal clay is recycled radiologic materials formulated into clay. Once fired in a kiln, the clay becomes fine silver (99.9% pure) which then needs to be cleaned and polished. All aspects will be covered. Completed projects available at lunch on Saturday.

Students Must Bring: Nothing

I would like to thank Troy Tatum for his support and for always striving to push onward.



Elegant Lady

Instructor: Donna McCarthy

Cost: $30:00

Skill Level: All

Description: Participants will create a 12"doll utilizing 2 banana gourds and 1 spinner. Quikwood will shape the shoulders, dress and arms. Acrylic paint of your choice will be applied finishing with a dry brush technique. Hair and matching hat using a selection of accessories will complete the doll. A precut and assembled wooden base will be decorated with grasses and fence. Project completed within class time.

Students Must Bring: Acrylic paints and brushes (especially flesh color) clay sculpting tools, heat gun, apron



Maple Leaf Gourd

Instructor: Melinda McCall

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Doing Maple leaf gourd project you will learn many techniques. Such as painting, carving, and staining gourds. I ask that students bring a rotary tool for carving and what tips you may have. I will also have tips along with all the other supplies you will need. 

Students Must Bring: A rotary tool such as a Dremal 

I would like to thank Angie Pack for the inspiration to move forward in returning to teaching. 



Bobble Head Turtle

Instructor: Toni Mickle

Cost: $60.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Students will learn how to Design and construct a bobble head. Supplies will be provided by instructor. Construction by using a canteen, banana and cannon ball gourds. Students will be staining the gourd pieces, creating designs and construct their turtle finding the balance for the head to move.

Students Must Bring: Apron, dust mask, gloves and heat gun



Beautiful Beaded Necklace

Instructor: Celia Shaneyfelt

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: We will be creating beautiful gourd necklaces using a half mini bottle and Huichol beading technique. Working on a small project, students should expect to finish class with a wearable necklace. You will have a selection of colors to choose from. Thanks Karen Kirkland for the little tips and a great source for supplies.

Students Must Bring: Nothing, Teacher will supply everything.



On the Edge

Instructor: Judy Zeigler

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Let your imagination go wild. Explore producing unique color combinations with alcohol inks to enhance a prepared gourd. Then, on the edge, fashion a distinctive closed coiling rim treatment. Create switch-backs, free-floating bridges, and intertwine the rows of coiling to create your own unique free-form design. I was inspired by Darienne McCuley in a basic basic coiling class at the 2nd Annual Cherokee Gourd Gathering.

Students Must Bring: An apron
Beads with 1/16" hole and or small pendants (optional)



Rainbow Swirl

Instructor: Vickie Echols

Cost: $60.00

Skill Level: All

Description: This is an easy and colorful class! The pine needles are dyed and we leave the caps on to use in our design. You will learn how to evenly divide you gourd into sections and then coil with dyed pine needles to create your own unique Rainbow Swirl. You will get to select 3 different colors and the gourds are all prepared so we can get right into the weaving. You will learn how to shape your coiling to get the most out of this swirl effect. We will be using 5-6 inch gourds. 

Students Must Bring: Sharp Scissors, small needle nose pliers, fine tipped wire cutters  



Faux Carnival Glass Bowl with Wire Rim

Instructor: Anna Fountain

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: You will learn 3 techniques. You will learn how to make faux carnival glass, inlay it in a gourd bowl, and how to use a wire twister to create twisted wires for a rim.

Students Must Bring: small wire cutters, carver or Dremel, ball burr, a drill bit (for the carver or Dremel) big enough for a 24g wire to pass thru the hole, a small touch up brush and a brush to paint the bowl.



Oriental Vase

Instructor: Sherry Briscoe

Cost: $40.00

Skill Level: All

Description: In this class students will learn how to:
1. add a QuikWood base to level out the stance of their vase;
2. base-coat their gourd, eliminating those aggravating paint ridges;
3. learn how to paint the flowers and leaves to accomplish an Oriental look; and
4. they will add gold accents. When the paint has dried, they will seal the vase to complete the project.

Students Must Bring: An apron to protect their clothes and a hair drier. If they have any favorite paintbrushes, they may bring them, but the instructor will have enough brushes for all the students. The brushes we will be using will be small filberts, small/medium/large flats, and script liners.

I developed this class after researching Oriental designs on the internet and in books.



Wooly Pines Wreath with Lavender

Mary Annunziato & Jackie Burke

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Learn to fringe and twirl 6 wool strips of beautiful colors that you choose to make a unique wreath for your home. You will learn to make lavender style fliwers and leaves to add to the branches. All supplies are provided by the teachers. This is s fun project for all and you should be able to finish during class!

Students Must Bring: Nothing