Friday All Day 8:30-5:00



Gnomes and Woodsmen

Marla Garber

Cost: $70.00

Minimum Number of Students: 6

Skill Levels: All

This is a very fun class. Let your imagination juices flow. We will use QuickWood to build the entire Gnome or Woodsmen. I'll have little wooden embellishments you can add .So come join me for this fun class.

Students Must Bring: 3 medium sized dry brushes, 1 Liner brush, Disposable gloves if your sensitive to Quikwood



Feather earrings


Karen Brown

Cost: $45

Minimum Number of Students: 5

Skill Levels: All

This is a power carving class for beginners. Each student will be carving 2 pair of feather earrings. We will carve, paint and assemble the earrings in class. Students will get to choose between eagle, cardinal, blue jay, or pheasant feathers to paint their finished earrings. 

Students must bring: Each student will need their own rotary tool. (Dremal, Fordum, etc...) And a diamond cylinder burr. Everything else will be provided.



Imitation Ceramic Urn

Robin Bryson

Cost: $80.00

Minimum Number of Students: 1

Skill Levels: All

Choose one and create the illusion of a ceramic urn with the use of a crackle texture, hint of color and using quickwood, pine cone sections or bamboo.

Student must bring: carver with a drill bit 



Freeform Coiling with Mixed Materials on a Gourd

Debbie Wilson

Cost: $65.00

Minimum Number of Students: 3

Skill Levels: All

Free Form Coil with Paper Cord as a base and add in other materials such as seagrass, round reed and other pliable coiling materials. Learn to use a basic coiling stitch, overlay with coiling materials to create a piece of art unique to each person. This will be done on a dyed, cut, drilled and sealed gourd, Students are welcome to bring small embellishments to add in. I am crediting Marla Helton for teaching me some great techniques for coiling and adding thread in classes I was lucky enough to take from her years ago.

Students must bring: Tapestry Needle, curved Needle, Apron



Athena’s Dragon

Instructor: Susan Taber

Cost: $90.00

Skill Level: Advanced


Athena’s dragon painted in acrylic on gourd. We will be using lots of different techniques on this piece, including dry brushing, gem stone details, and extreme eye detail. We will be focusing on fine details. 

Students Must Bring: Stencil brushes, #2 round, 3/8 angle 



Blue flowers cutwork design

Instructor: Jan Banta-Briseno

Cost: $80.00

Skill Level: All

Students will use a gourd saw to cut out areas of the design to create interest. Rim will be added as time allows

Students Must Bring: gourd saw with blades



Carved bonasi with Cut-outs

Instructor: Troy Tatum

Cost: $90.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Come and have a fun filled day improving your carving skills by power carving this bonsai tree with cut-outs on a gourd. The class will include a detailed discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of carving machines as well as a look at the types and shapes of carving burrs and the use of each type. You will learn to transfer a furnished pattern to a gourd, learn to outline the pattern and cut away the gourd surface, define which areas are high and low, how to create the appearance of depth and how to rough out as well as finish the carving. Most students should leave with a finished gourd.

Students Must Bring: Students will needs to bring a micro carver or Dremel type flex-shaft carving tool with all the carving burrs you have. (We will discuss their uses). Also bring a micro gourd saw and a variable temperature wood-burner with a skew tip. Bring a breathing mask or respirator, eye protection, your gourd tool kit and a desire to learn and have fun.

Friday Morning 8:30 -11:30



Acorn Basket

Instructor: Vickie Echols

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

This is the perfect class where you can find ways to use some of those gourd scraps. The ‘acorns’ are cleaned, sanded and leveled so we get to focus on the ‘caps’. The Caps are started around a gourd stem or gourd shard with the stem attached. You will be using glycerinated pine needles so they are extremely flexible. You will learn how to shape your cap to fit the acorn. We will learn several different stitching techniques that will help create a charming Acorn Basket that is easy enough to make several for gifts. 

Students Must Bring: Sharp scissors, small needle nose pliers, fine tipped wire cutters.




Polymer Clay Embellishments

Anna Fountain

This class is an intro to polymer clay. You will learn to condition, extrude, cut out embellishments to bake so they can be inlayed/glued on/hung from your gourd piece to enhance your designs. Never again have to search for the perfect embellishment for your design. You will be able to make it yourself!

Cost: $40.00

Skill Level: All

Students Must Bring: Nothing



Leather Rimmed Gourd

Instructor: Claudia Hill

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Students will use alcohol inks to color their gourd bowl. They will coordinate leather and waxed thread to do an interesting, but simple technique to create the rim. No two gourds will be the same!

Students Must Bring: An apron or old clothes, a smile and willingness to relax and have fun



Peek-a-Boo Witch

Instructor: Joyce Shelton

Cost: $45.00

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Description: This witch had a crash landing! This is a beginner/intermediate project. Design is by Jeannie Collick from Michigan. Students will learn to sculpt the witches face, feet and hands from Quick Wood. Gourds, dowels, Quick Wood and embellishments are provided. Color pictures and instructions are included.

Students Must Bring: Brushes: 1/4" angle brush, #12 flat, small liner



Rainbow Trout Ornament

Instructor: Beth Westberry

Cost: $40.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Create a Rainbow Trout Ornament for yourself or your favorite fisherman using ink dyes and metallic pigment powders. The back features a fly fishing lure and has space to customize with a name or location.

Students Must Bring: Wood burner with skew and ball tips, heat gun, apron



Mushroom Bird House

Instructor: Jennifer Wojnar

Cost: $45.00

Skill Level: All

We will use two gourds to create a mushroom bird house using only a few cuts. We will add quikwood for embellishments and acrylics paints to give our mushrooms color. Make your own or get some help from one of my molds. Follow my example exactly or make it your own. 

Student Must Bring: Make sure to have an Apron. If you have a gourd saw and a drill, please bring it.



Fanciful Gourd Fish

Instructor: Cara Bevan

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Things are getting fishy in here... We're going to be making fanciful gourd fish! I will show you how to turn an egg or bottle gourd into fish using Quickwood clay with craft plastic for waving transparent fins. We will be painting them with acrylics and each fish will get a wooden base so it's ready to display and enjoy. You will leave the class with one completed gourd fish.

Students Must Bring: Heat gun (optional) and preferred sculpting tools



The Crow’s Gift

Instructor: Linda Hadder

Cost: $65.00

Skill Level: All

Description: A gourd night light with a black crow gathering gifts. 

Student’s Must Bring: ½’ angle brush, 10/0 liner, 3/4 flat brush for varnish, heat gun, water container, palette paper. Optional; Bring charms from your junk drawer or charms that mean something to you, ie a charm from a trip or a trinket found. 



Gourd-Shaped Fine Silver Earrings

Instructor: Betsey Sloan

Cost: $45.00

Skill Level: All

Description: This is an awesome and fun class. Using a 5ml package of metal clay, students will roll out then texture, cut and refine their earrings. Metal clay is recycled radiologic materials formulated into clay. Once fired in a kiln, the clay becomes fine silver (99.9% pure) which then needs to be cleaned and polished. All aspects will be covered. Completed projects available at lunch on Saturday.

Students Must Bring: Nothing



Mandala Birdhouse

Instructor: Celia Shaneyfelt

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: We will be painting mandala patterns on birdhouse gourds working with some unusual tools. Students will go home with their tools and ideas for other possible tools. You will have 5 different color palates to choose from so every project will be different. These are a lot of fun to make. Thanks to Elizabeth West for teaching me the technique.

Students Must Bring: hair dryer, apron recommended



Faux Cloisonné Gourd Orb With Powertex and Unicorn Spit

Instructor: Susan Crowe

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: A brand new Powertex project joins with my new favorite thing, Unicorn Spit!
Do you love the beauty of Chinese enamel cloisonné but don't want to spend years mastering the art of wire and enamel work? Then let me teach you this crazy, simple technique that mimics cloisonné using an oven baked medium and Unicorn Spit glaze to create the look of baked enamel. And wait, there's more! We will also Tricx up our cannonball gourd to look like ancient, metallic glaze pottery using Powetex Transparent, Color Tricx metallic pigments, and plain old acrylic paint. Using the same oven baked medium we will fashion a elegant finial to complete our work of art. Become a master without the trip to China!

Students Must Bring: 

Drill and hardware for fabrication, 

4 - 5" Cannonball gourd, 

A box of disposable gloves.
Paint brush for detail painting and one for larger area painting.
A heat gun.
An apron or smock.
Paper and pen for note taking as desired.


Instruction sheets and supply list outlining the complete project will be emailed to participants after the gathering.




Hammered metal box

Instructor: Jody Dingivan

Cost: $75.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Learn how to do hammered metal without a hammer and easy antiquing. After carving a channel you will inlay a leather cord. Finishing your box with Indian ink and your own doodle designs. Thanks to Bonnie Gibson for teaching me how to use a carver.

Students Must Bring: Dust mask ,Carver ,small ball and wheel bits ,scissors, heat gun