Saturday All Day (8:30-5:00)



Butterfly Delight W/ Alcohol Ink Pearls

Marla Garber

Cost: $70

Minimum Number of Students: 6

Skill Level: All

If you haven't used the NEW Alcohol Ink Pearls, here's your chance. You'll wood burn your pattern, do some light stippling and filigree. then use the Pearl Inks. So come make a beautiful gourd and try a new product.

Students Must Bring: Wood Burner and pens, Carver and burrs, sander or sandpaper, Face Mask, Eye protection, Burrs needed : Lg Ball Burr, Filigree Burr, 6- Micro fine Brushes, 1 Micro Brush.



Tools of the Trade


Karen Brown

Cost: $35

Minimum Number of Students: 5

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate 

New to gourds? Then this class will help you with your tool selection and the use of those tools. Karen brings 20+ years of gourding to you and lets you get hands on with her collection of tools. We'll start with the seeds and work through growing, cleaning, cutting, burning and finishing all in one day. The handout is full of helpful tips and tricks that you can use in your artwork. This is a great way to try it before you buy it. Everything you wanted to know about tools and how to you them will be covered in this class.

Students Need to Bring: Nothing



Woodburn Prairie Buffalo

Robin Bryson

Cost: $90

Minimum Number of Students: 1

Skill Level: All

Create shading and leather tooling by by manipulating your wood burner tip at a low temperature. Enhanced with embellishments.
I want to thank my brother for showing me his vacation pictures and showing me the huge spiritual animal stating I should do a buffalo.

Student Must Bring: A cut and clean gourd any shape but no shorter than a 9 1/2" tall and a temperature controlled wood burner with a rounded skew tip.



Butterfly Bowl

Instructor: Jan Banta-Briseno

Cost: $80.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Students will learn to use decorative stitches to embellish their gourd designs and how to drill the holes for stitching.

Students Must Bring: Rotary tool or small drill



Bead Ribbon Over Mountains & Valleys

Instructor: Vickie Echols

Cost: $70.00

Skill Level: All

Description: You will learn how to coil pine needles around the rim of a gourd with mountains and valleys and how to incorporate porcelain beads into your work to build your bead ribbon. You will work on shaping skills to create a narrow neck and finish off with a flair!

Students Must Bring: Sharp scissors, jewelry size wire cutters and needle nose pliers.



Sassy spiders

Instructor: Jody Dingivan

Cost: $75.00

Skill Level: All

Description: In this fun project you will learn how to measure and cut a gourd so it can be attached to its legs. You will learn how to fill in the gaps with putty. Use your sense of color to paint your spiders. Thanks Olive Moore for showing me how to work with putty.

Students Must Bring: Nothing



Tribal Wolf

Instructor: Susan Taber

Cost: $85.00

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

This is a 6 hour class


Description: Learn to dry brush and paint on dyed and resisted gourds. Pyramiding of colors and accent jewel work. 

Students Must Bring: Stencil brushes



Garden Frog

Instructor: Patricia Farley

Cost: $43.00

Skill Level: All

Let the fun begin. You will laugh a lot as your painting emerges into this whimsical frog. We will paint shades of green for the frog body, add silly eyes and mouth. Add flowers, worms, butterflies, and beetles all around his body. Spray, seal, and add a handmade hat, and flowers. 

Students Must Bring: Heat Gun, all size paint brushes, and glue gun. (I will have several glue guns to share)

Saturday Morning 8:30-11:30



Sign of the Times

Instructors: Terry and Sandy Jordan

Cost: $55.00

Skill Level: 

Description: Looking for a gourd festival? Come create this beautiful sign in Pen and Ink Rouging. Sandy (a certified Mary Owens Instructor) will take you step-by-step-step, through the pen and ink rouging process. This unique process is done with India ink and oil paints. Everything to complete the class will be provided by the instructor. Come learn this beautiful technique.

I want to thank Mary Owens for teaching me this beautiful technique.

Students Must Bring: Nothing. Instructor supplies everything



"Snowy Owl"

Instructor: Laurie Weiand

Cost: $35.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Come join me in making this "Snowy Owl". I will teach you the techniques I have perfected to emboss the wings, breast and eyes. As for the beak and ear tufts, they will be sculpted out of Quickwood. Then with some layers of paint and stain, you will learn how to bring this Owl to Life!

Students Must Bring: Apron, rubber gloves and heat gun to speed up drying time of the paint applications.



Random Necklace/Embellishment/Ornament

Instructor: Angela Wagner

Cost: $35.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Weave a small random weave pouch or disc that can be used as a necklace, ornament or embellishment. Choices of colors and materials will be be available to weave with.

Students Must Bring: Sharp scissors, small bucket/coffee can for water, old towel - instructor will have tools to share.



Stain Glass Butterfly

Instructor: Karen Maloney

Cost: $47.00

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Description: You will create a wonderful looking butterfly on a prepared gourd using Melted Crayons. " So much color". No one butterfly will look the same. Other patterns will be available to choose from. 

Students Must Bring: Students will need a power carver like a Dremel with the small round carving bur to dig the trenches the wax will flow through, Mask, apron, and a hair dryer



Mermaid Dreams Gourd Vase With Powertex and Unicorn Spit

Instructor: Susan Crowe

Cost: $65.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Calling all ocean lovers, you're gonna love this one! Let me share with you my latest discovery of how to mix Powertex liquid and Unicorn Spit to create absolutely amazing texture effect. Powertex makes it possible to create swirls, cracks, waves, and drips with Unicorn Spit while retaining the Unicorn Spit's eye popping colors. We will be using Powertex and 3D Sand to mold life-like ocean barnacles and top it off with a real sea shell. The colors are so vibrant this vase looks like it came right out of the ocean! Believe me the photo does not do it justice, so please stop by and see it in person at the class project display area. You have to see this up close to appreciate the details! 

Students must bring:
A box of disposable gloves.
Large, medium, and small paint brushes.
A heat gun for drying as needed.
An apron or smock.
Paper and pen for note taking as desired. 



Snowy Winter Night

Instructor: Diane Ricker

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Students will learn the ease of blending with pastels. Bare winter trees are created with only 2 brushes, a small flat and a liner brush. A sprinkling of snowflakes brings this winter night some sparkle.

Students Must Bring: Bring your apron! Teacher supplies everything else.



Munching Chipmunk Pyrography

Instructor: Troy Tatum

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Description: Spend a fun filled morning improving your pyrography skills woodburning this cute munching chipmunk on a gourd. The class will focus on the creating the fur texture along with shading techniques. Some students may have to color the border and rim at home. 

Students Must Bring: Students must bring a variable temperature pyrography tool with a skew nib and a shading nib (Large ball, bent or spoon shader).  



Frosty's Family

Instructor: Celia Shanefelt

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: We will be using jewelry gourds to create three little playful snowman ornaments. We will be working with Quick Wood and a couple different painting techniques. Students should be able to complete this project in class. Easy enough for beginners but fun for the more advanced artist too.

Students Must Bring: detail brush, hair dryer, apron recommended




Instructor: Ana M Poma
Cost: $55.00
Skill Levels: All  

Description: This project teaches three technical techniques of work with gourds, in the pyrography, burning and the finishing with stippling effect. In class students will mark the design with graphite paper. With the help of the pyrograph students will burn the edges of the main figure and then will burn the gourd.
Using the " buril," ( A Peruvian tool ) to outline of the edges and the geometric figure.
We will apply varnish.

* Dremel tool With different bits
* eggs shells
* Paint brushes small sizes 



Whimsical Mushroom Garden Gnome

Instructor: Jennifer Wojnar

Cost: $45.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Using two pre cut gourds, quikwood for embellishments and acrylics paints to give your whimsical mushroom garden gnome color. Follow my example exactly or make it your own. 

Students Must Bring: Make sure to have an Apron.



Advanced Polymer Clay Embellishments

Instructor: Anna Fountain

Cost: $40.00

Skill Level: Advanced

Description: You will expand from the Intro class to silk-screening your cabochons as well as learning to do skinner blends and a technique called a jelly roll, and finish with a technique called a sutton slice. These will be turned into embellishments to add to your gourd pieces.

Students need to have attended last year’s intro class or this years intro class



Random Freeform Invasive Vine Basket

Instructor: Nancy Basket

Cost: $35.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Learn all about invasive plants: kudzu, wisteria, trumpet vines plus... Find out what splits, when, where to gather and how to store.  Using whole larger vines, and some of the split pieces, you’ll fashion an open weave, random freeform vessel.   

Students Must Bring: Nothing