Sunday Morning (9:00-1:00)



Rainbow Alcohol Ink Horse

Robin Bryson

Cost: $60.00

Minimum Number of Students: 1

Skill Level: All

Learn how to use masking fluid and dab on alcohol ink and enhance your colorful horse design with flecks of color and pen and ink dots.
Hats off to Vickie Echols for swaping ideas about to broaden my thought processes.

A clean cut and ready gourd 10 1/2" tall (the pattern size is 8 1/2" wide X 10" tall



Turn Your Shards Into Stone

Instructor: Vickie Echols

Cost: $45.00

Skill Level: All

Description: For this class you will discover ways of altering magazine pages to create amazing works of art with very little effort. You will then take the altered pages and decoupage them onto gourd shards to make your own stone centers for pine needle coiling or anything you can imagine. 

Students Must Bring: Scissors, latex gloves, a few small paint brushes for white glue.

Anyone bothered by strong smells should not take this class. We will be using essential oils. 



Robbie the Robot (Lizzie's Big Brother!)

Instructor: Susan Crowe

Cost: $35.00

Skill Level: All

Description: If you thought Lizzie the Lion was adorable then you have to meet her big brother Robbie!
Trick or treat candy bucket in hand and dressed up like his favorite thing, a robot. We will learn to build our gourd figure using basic materials, metal foil tape techniques, and acrylic paint. No attention to detail has been missed from his red light antennas, to a genuine robot control panel, all the way down to the gourd candy bucket. This is such a fun project! Oh, don't miss his little sister in the Lizzie the Lion class too. These two will make an irresistible pair for your gourd collection! 

Students must bring:
A box of disposable gloves.
Medium, and small paint brushes.
A heat gun for drying as needed.
An apron or smock.
Paper and pen for note taking as desired.



Sunrise /Sunset

Instructor: Jody Dingivan

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Have fun creating your own sunrise or sunset while learning how to manipulate alcohol inks. You will create your own sunrise sunset with a series of doodles. Thank you Sue Brogdon for introducing me to alcohol inks.

Student Must Bring: Heat tool, stippling brushes



Splitting Invasives

Instructor: Nancy Basket

Cost: $35.00

Skill Level All

This is a 3 hour class

Description: Learn all about invasive plants: kudzu, wisteria, trumpet vines plus... Find out what splits, when, where to gather and how to store.  Using whole larger vines, and some of the split pieces, you’ll fashion an open weave, random freeform vessel. 

Students Must Bring: Nothing