Thurs Afternoon 1-5pm



Miniature Turtles and Dragons

Instructor: Cara Bevan

Cost: $65.00

Skill Level: All

Tiny turtles and dragons, oh my! Together we will be making two miniature gourd creatures using spinner gourds and two different types of clay. A mini gourd turtle will be made with Creative Paperclay. I’ll explain paperclay’s quirks and uses as compared of other types of clay. A mini gourd dragon will be made with quickwood. I’ll explain the clay’s differences and we’ll make them both step-by-step simultaneously. Because paperclay takes 3-5 days to dry before it can be painted, we will only be painting the miniature dragon. You’ll leave with more clay knowledge, one completed mini dragon, and a mini turtle to paint at home! No sculpting experience is necessary.

Students Must Bring: Preferred sculpting tools



Elegant Halloween Pumpkin

Instructors: Terry and Sandy  Jordan

Cost: $55.00

Skill Level: All


The student will use a small canteen (cheese) gourd to create this elegant Halloween pumpkin. The student will also add Halloween Bling to make their pumpkin their very own. They will then learn how to create leaves and a triple cluster using the mudding technique. The student will have a choice of making a black pumpkin with white mud or an orange pumpkin with black mud. Mud is a dimensional paint developed by Margot Clark. Her mud and techniques will be used. The instructor will provide mud, brush, gourd (cleaned and painted students color of choice) and bling. Mudding kits will be available to purchase.  

I want to thank Margot Clark and Carol Craig for teaching me this wonderful technique.

Students Must Bring: Nothing but an apron. Students may bring bling (this is a self-adhesive gemstone, usually found in the scrapbooking area) if they have something special they want on their pumpkin.



Bobble Head Turtle

Instructor: Toni Mickle

Cost: $60.00

Skill Level: All

Students Must Bring: Apron, Heat Gun, Gloves

Description: Students will learn how to design and make a working bobble head. Using a Cannon Ball, Banana and Canteen Gourd. Each student will dye or stain their gourd pieces and emboss designs on the turtle.

Students Must Bring: Apron, Heat Gun, Gloves



Grumpy Old Men 

Instructor: Linda Hadder

Cost: $60.00

Skill Level: All

Description: A character face on a small gourd using quickwood. 

Students Must Bring: ½” angle brush, 10/0 liner, 3/4 flat brush for varnish, water container. 



Blooming Dreams

Instructor: Nancy Amburgey

Cost: $55.00

Skill Level: All

Description: A small wall hanging will be made by wood burning and painting a flower during the class. In addition, the center of the flower will include a dream catcher. Lastly, the student can add feathers and possibly some beads to finalize the project. Students should finish the gourd in class. However, if they do not, instructions will be provided to finish on their own.

Students Must Bring: An adjustable temperature wood burner with skewer and ball tip pens, apron, gloves and heat gun. If a student has specific feathers or beads, they would like to use, please bring them also. Beads will need to go through 4 ply waxed linen thread.



Luffa Leaf Insert

Instructor: Troy Tatum

Cost: $55.00

Skill Level: All

Description: In this exciting class you will learn the new technique of preparing and utilizing luffa as an inserts into a gourd. We will draw and woodburn the borders, cut out the leaf shapes and drill holes around the gourd to attach the Danish cording. Next we will color the gourd, attach the Danish cording around the center design, prepare the luffa and insert it into the gourd. Additional Danish cording will be supplies for the rim but we may not have time to attach it in class.

Students Must Bring: Please bring a gourd saw or a rotary carver (Dremel or micro carver) with a carbide pointed burr or Gourd Master fili-point burr, a respirator or dust mask and a drill with small bits (I will have at least one drill set up to share) You may want to bring gloves for staining and a heat gun but instructor will have several heat guns available.



Lighted Dreamcatcher Mobile with Pendants

Donna McCarthy

Cost: $40.00

Skill Level: All

Prepped and painted gourd ready to weave a dreamcatcher and paint colorful floral designs on a white background. 3 hanging pendants will be created using a selection of assorted items; sea glass, small mirrors and colorful glass shapes which will be suspended from the bottom of the mobile. Lastly a votive light is inserted behind the dreamcatcher.

Students Must Bring: Acrylic paints and brushes, assorted fine tip markers in basic colors, water container, scissors, heat gun and apron, your favorite flower pictures. A selection of flower pictures will be available in class



Leather Lace Weaving

Instructor: Kristen Hull

Cost: $45.00

Skill Level: All


Description: Students will learn the technique of weaving leather lace on a gourd bowl. Gourd will be cut and cleaned, dyed, and holes drilled to save time for the weaving. Instructor will demo how to make lace from scraps of leather and where to place holes on gourd. Gourd bowl will be approximately 6"-7" diameter. 

Thanks to my local patch: Cypress Gourd Patch for introducing me to gourds and pushing me out of my comfort zone.  

Students Must Bring: Nothing, instructor will provide everything



On the Edge

Instructor: Judy Zeigler

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Let your imagination go wild. Explore producing unique color combinations with alcohol inks to enhance a prepared gourd. Then, on the edge, fashion a distinctive closed coiling rim treatment. Create switch-backs, free-floating bridges, and intertwine the rows of coiling to create your own unique free-form design. I was inspired by Darienne McCuley in a basic basic coiling class at the 2nd Annual Cherokee Gourd Gathering.

Students Must Bring: An apron, beads with 1/16" hole and/or small pendants (optional)



Bamboo Vase

Instructor: Sherry Briscoe

Cost: $40.00

Skill Level: All

In this class students will base-coat a gourd vase black They will the learn the strokes needed to complete the project. They will learn how to float the paints to create a special transparent effect. After completing the painting, they will apply a sealer/varnish and attach a gold cord to the top of the vase. The completed project will be approximately 8 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

Students Must Bring: An apron/smock to protect their clothing, sharp scissors, and a hair drier  



Wooly Pines Tree

Instructor: Mary Annunziato 

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Come learn to make a wonderful 21 inch "wooly pines" tree to decorate your home all year long. Learn to fringe and twirl beautiful colors of wool and turn the branches into your special tree. This 4 hour class is fun and relaxing and you will leave with a finished product .

Students Must Bring: Nothing




Instructor: Laurie Weiand

Cost: $40.00

Skill Level All

Description: Come join me and make this fun-loving Snowman! You will learn how to sculpt the pine trees and snow landscape using Quickwood, along with the step by step details it takes to paint and decorate your very own gourd Snowman "Snowflake". I will supply everything you will need to complete him. He will stand 9-10" tall when finished. Due to time constraints, your snowman will be assembled and ready to go. Full instructions will be included. Just bring your Snowman decorating skills! 

Students Must Bring: Apron, rubber gloves, hot glue gun, and a heat gun to help speed up the paint drying time.