Thursday All Day 8:30-5:00



Cornmaiden Gourd Doll

Instructor: Jan Banta-Briseno

Cost: $80.00

Minimum Number of Students: 3

Skill Levels: All

Description:Students will begin with a preformed base and add clay embellishments to their Cornmaiden

Students Must Bring: Old brushes to shape the clay



 Fairy Bark House

Instructor: Karen Hundt-Brown

Cost: $50.00

Minimum Number of Students: 5

Skill Levels: Beginner/Intermediate


Description: Students will be carving a fairy house out of cotton wood bark. They will get a set of carving knives, a hunk of bark to carve and a handout to keep. No two houses will be alike as each piece of bark is unique to the tree it came from. Let Karen show you how easy and fun bark carving can be.

Students Must Bring: Nothing



Green Sea Turtle

Marla Garber

Cost: $90.00

Minimum Number of Students: 6

Skill Levels: All

  In Chinese Mythology the Sea Turtle represents "Wisdom". You will learn what gourds work for the turtle. You'll cut , sculpt , paint the turtle, then mount it on some beautiful mopani wood. There's a lot of work to build this turtle but it's beautiful when finished.

Students Must Bring: Gourd Saw, Drill and drill bits 3/8, 3/32, 7/32, Face Mask, Paint brushes- Flat, 1/4 Angle, Liner, 2-Medium size Dry Brushes



Midnight Meadow

Instructor: Susan Taber

Cost: $90.00

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Description: We will be using acrylic paints to create this beautiful piece. Focusing on dry brush techniques and water reflections work. Gourds will be provided cut and clean. 10-12” cannonball gourd. 

Students Must Bring: Stencil brushes, round and angle brushes



Eagle Gourd Wall Planter

Instructor: Robin Bryson

Cost $95.00 

Minimum Number of Students: 1

Skill Levels: All


Description: Learn how to wood burn and paint on the inside of a gourd. The texture is way different and softer than the outter shell. Create a breathtaking Eagle Wall Planter accented with a rim of pine needles and artificial plants. 

Students Must Bring: Temperature controlled wood burner with a rounded skew tip, face mask, protection eye wear and small sharp scissors.



Lace Medallion Pine Needle Basket

Instructor: Shari Zabroski

Cost: $60.00

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Students will learn different techniques for their unique pine needle basket. In the morning, students will use quality calf leather lace to create a medallion I designed for a gourd project in 2016. This medallion will be laced on a stained, sealed and drilled wood circle along with a Concho for further embellishment. A second wood circle will be added for the back and students will connect the circles with their first coil using a wrap stitch. In the afternoon, students will learn the very popular Ti stitch, how to create the side for their basket and then proceed with a Diamond stitch. This is NOT a beginner class, but more Intermediate; previous coiling experience is necessary. Depending on the size students want for their basket, they will not complete this basket in class, but will receive a complete tutorial to help them complete it at home. 

Students Must Bring: Sharp scissors and small needle nose pliers.



Hammered Metal Vessel

Instructor: Jody Dingivan

Cost: $75.00

Skill Level: All

Description: You will learn to carve a channel and then inlay a leather cord into the channel. You can leave your Hammer at home for this hammered metal look. Finishing off your vessel with doodling 

Students Must Bring: Dust mask, Carver, heat gun, a small ball bit, a small wheel bit, paint brushes, sharp scissors.



Footed Vase with Floating Bead Ribbon

Instructor: Vickie Echols

Cost: $75.00

Skill Level: All

Description: You will learn to coil glycerinated pine needles onto a prepared gourd to create a foot. Next, you will coil around the rim of the gourd and make floating bead ribbons. The gourds are decoupage with colored tissue paper on the inside and then sealed with resin. The prepared gourds range in sizes from 6-7" diameter & 4-7" tall before coiling.

Students Must Bring: Sharp scissors, fine tipped wire cutters and small needle nose pliers.

Thursday Morning 8:30 -11:30



Leather Rimmed Gourd

Instructor: Claudia Hill

Cost: $50.00

Minimum Number of Students: 3

Maximum Class Size: 8

Skill Level: All

Description: Students will use alcohol inks to color their gourd bowl. They will coordinate leather and waxed thread to do an interesting, but simple technique to create the rim. No two gourds will be the same!

Students Must Bring: an apron or old clothes, a smile and willingness to relax and have fun.




Evening in the Foothills 

Instructors: Terry and Sandra Jordan

Cost: $55.00

Skill Level: All

Come create this tranquil scene of snow and deer in Pen and Ink Rouging. Sandy (a certified Mary Owens Instructor) will take you step-by-step, through the pen and ink rouging process. This unique process is done with India ink and oil paints. Everything to complete the class will be provided by the instructor. Come learn this beautiful technique. The rim and antler are not part of the class.

I want to thank Mary Owens for teaching me this beautiful technique.

Students Must Bring: Nothing but an apron



The Snow Couple

Instructor: Joyce Shelton

Cost: $30.00

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

This is a good beginning gourd project. Both male and female "snow" person can be completed in this class. Students will learn to paint faces and painting techniques to give the gourd character. No previous painting experience is necessary. You will learn everything in class to complete 2 gourds. Gourds and embellishments are provided. See supply list what student needs to bring.

Students Must Bring: Brushes: liner, small round #3



Spirit Bear Gourd Bowl

Instructor: Troy Tatum

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Description: Come and spend a fun filled morning creating this colorful and eye-catching spirit bear gourd bowl out of a 6 to 7 inch gourd. This is a great class to learn or improve your woodburning and carving skills. The woodburner will be utilized to outline the bear, blanket, life line and border as well as for adding the stipple texture to the bear’s body. The carver will be used to create the stipple background and to inset the turquoise bead for the bear’s eye. The gourd will be stained and the design colored with acrylic paints and ink dye. The rim will be marked and drilled and a turquoise suede lacing attached. Most students should finish the project in class.

Student must bring: A variable temperature pyrography tool with a skew nib, micro carver or Dremel type flex-shaft carving tool with a small carbide ball carving burr, a breathing mask or respirator, eye protection, your gourd tool kit and a desire to learn and have fun.



Negative Space Images and Mixed Media

Instructor: Debbie Wilson

Cost: $40.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Come explore the exciting world of negative space imagery along with a mixed media background. This is a fun class to explore how to work on gesso, use stamps, inks and paint to create a muted background and whimsical images to project from the negative space surrounding them. Colors, stamps, and images will be students choice, though I will have some patterns available if you choose not to make your own. The picture shows two examples with different negative space colors, the class is going to make the larger size gourd with your ideas. All materials, including gourd provided. My inspiration for this idea came through exploring mixed media in Quilting Arts Magazine. The designs are my own as well as my process.

Students Must Bring: Apron



Charming Porcelain Gourd Necklace

Instructor: Celia Shaneyfelt

Cost: $50.00

Skill Level: All

Description: In this class, students will turn tiny spinner or jewelry gourds into beautiful necklaces using acrylic paints to replicate the style of old Japanese porcelain. With several elements to choose from, no two will be alike. You will be surprised how easy this really is and leave the class with your finished necklace ready to wear.

Students Must Bring: Suggested that you bring your favorite detail brush



Wooly Pines Sunflower

Instructor: Jackie Burke

Cost: 35.00

Skill Level: All

Description: This class will teach you how to use a punch needle to make the center of your flower and rug hooking techniques to make your petals. Choose from a wonderful color selection of wools to create this stunning flower.

Students Must Bring: Nothing  



Native Baskets 

Instructor: Rebecca Watty      

Cost: $55.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Learn to weave a Native American basket with traditional Cherokee colors such as bloodroot and walnut or butternut.

Students Must Bring: Water bottle and scissors



Random Freeform Invasive Vine Basket

Instructor: Nancy Basket

Cost: $35.00

Skill Level: All

Description: Learn all about invasive plants: kudzu, wisteria, trumpet vines plus...
Find out what splits, when, where to gather and how to store.  Using whole larger vines, and some of the split pieces, you’ll fashion an open weave, random freeform vessel.

Students Must Bring: Nothing